Who We Are

Art School Didn’t Teach You

The Business of Art.

We Do.

Unsure about how to live your dream of being a self-employed artist?

You’re not alone!

Many artists struggle with the day-to-day tasks involved in running a business.

Unless you have a business background, you may not know how to be profitable, or even how to get started.

That’s where we come in.

Founded in 2002, The Arts Business Institute is a non-profit organization created to serve a crucial need in the art and craft-making communities – practical business education for creative entrepreneurs.

What We Hear:

How does one go about figuring out the best price for wholesale?
I’m not sure there is a market for my work.
I know which products I can wholesale,  but no clue how to get the accounts.
I feel very uncomfortable promoting myself. 
I get frightened that I’m not thinking the right way, or making the right choices, and so I freeze and do nothing.

What We Do:

Since 1994, The Arts Business Institute has provided thousands of successful studio artists with a structured curriculum developed by top creative entrepreneurs, top selling artists, gallery owners and marketing experts. 

Workshop Topics:

Product Development      Production Schedules      Booth Design      Display and Lighting Gallery Negotiations         Event marketing                  Wholesaling        Retailing Gallery Start-up                  Credit                                     Pricing                 Contracts Licensing                             Intellectual property          Collections          Sales Terms and many other topics…


The Arts Business Institute courses are presented in an immersion format of intensive workshop weekends, produced in partnership with art schools, arts councils and arts business groups, at locations all over the United States and Canada.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

  • Arts Business Institute faculty members range from artists and painters to webmasters, bloggers, accountants and gallery owners, hand-picked from the art community.
  • They work together as a team to present the most up-to-date topics in a professional manner.
  • The faculty members understand that each artist has a unique set of needs, and they strive to provide information to the broad group of artists as well as on individual levels.


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