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The Arts Business Institute announces an

“Access to Market”



After decades of neglect, President Obama has made assistance to manufacturing start-ups one of his top priorities for the next four years.


“We have a huge opportunity, at this moment, to bring manufacturing back. But we have to seize it. My message to business leaders is simple: Ask yourselves what you can do to grow jobs in manufacturing… and your country will do everything we can to help you succeed.” – President Barack Obama


Small businesses, such as studio artists and production craftspeople may qualify for government funding as micro-manufacturing start-ups. The Arts Business Institute educates artists so that they are prepared to build strong, profitable wholesale businesses.

Few local arts organizations have the resources to develop programs to meet federal grant requirements. The Arts Business Institute has invested the time to develop the programs, write the grant template and assist groups interested in providing “Access to Market” education and services for their members.

This new opportunity is a partnership between arts organizations and the Arts Business Institute. Individual artists wishing to participate should contact their local guild or media specific organizations.

The program provides a full array of resources to assist nonprofit arts organizations and guilds in applying for federal grants.  Grant funds will be used to sponsor ABI workshops, provide E-Marketing courses, individualized critiques for members and ongoing mentoring.

The last component of the program is supporting members in a group exhibit experience to meet gallery owners and retail buyers face to face for sales and advice.

Grant success is measured by participants production and job growth over a two year period.  Participants will be Trade Showselected based on product marketability, level of product development, marketing, pricing and production.

ABI’s online resources, follow-up mentoring, and one on-one-critiques are used to provide a safe and successful pathway to expanding studio sales from local to nationwide through wholesale trade show and marketing opportunities.

ABI has researched all of the job training and entrepreneurship grants available through the federal government and is now prepared to assist your local guild or arts organization in creating an “Access to Market” program for your guild or arts organization members. Additional funding from other sources may be required**


The Access to Market Program includes:

  • Two-day ABI workshop with an intensive art business curriculum.
  • Private one-on-one critiques and advice for participants.
  • Ongoing support for artists through individualized mentoring.
  • Access to our online comprehensive Arts Marketing E-course
  • Potential matching funds for guild booths at the Buyers Market
  • Grants up to $50,000 for a 2 year program. (Program may be modified based on actual funding.)


Call or email:
Wendy Rosen







1)  CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE APPLICATION FORM  and Submit before November 30th.

2)  Negotiate partnership agreement. Select Project Manager.  

3)  Guild and arts organization leaders attend orientation weekend February 16-17 in Philadelphia, and experience an ABI workshop in person.

4)  Survey members of your arts group to determine interest and participation.

5)  Find local corporate sponsors.  (If necessary)

6)  Submit Grant Application (ABI provides assistance and grant templates)

7)  Set a date, provide location, and promote workshop.

8)  Workshop presentations and first evaluations and critiques.

9)  E-Marketing course for all members. 

10) Begin “Access to Market” individualized mentoring program.

11) Select members for guild group exhibit. Design Exhibit and transport.

12) Follow up evaluation for all “Access to Market” participants.

13) Continued mentoring.

14) Repeat process.  (Two year program)

**Disclosure:  Some federal grants require matching funds from participants, sponsors and other organizations.  Guilds may or should seek additional support from state economic development groups, state arts funding, Small Business Development Organizations, University sources to make the grant application more competitive.