Moving from Consignment to Purchase

By Wendy Rosen

Years ago, most galleries relied on the “consignment” business model… today as artists leverage low production, exclusivity and high demand, things are very different.  As an artist you need to devise art gallery relationships that have mutual risk, and mutual reward.  Converting from consignment to purchase might take time… but it’s a necessary part of your success strategy.  Your artwork needs to be in the best places, aggressively promoted and well represented.  And that doesn’t happen if your dealer has no “skin in the game”.

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  1. We work very diligently with each of our artists to promote their work on a continuing basis. A significant amount of both time and money is invested towards building a profitable, partnering relationship. We have not met any resistance to the consignment business model from the many artists that we represent. It works for us, and it works for the artist. In an economy that is quite tepid, 2011 was a very good year (note the emphasis on the word “good”)! Our sales of ceramic art have increased every year since we opened.

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