Artist: Alene Geed

Arizona jewelry designer Alene Geed presents her earthy collection of handmade work, and talks about inspiration and the marketplace.


Spiral cuff bracelet by Alene Geed. See her artist profile at


ABI:  What inspired you to make jewelry, and where has that led?

AG:  Over the years I played around with beading necklaces but never took it to the next level. Then one day a co-worker was showing off a new turquoise necklace. At the moment I knew that I could create something for myself. The next thing I knew, I was off to local bead stores finding the necessary components for my first design.


Peruvian opal ring by Alene Geed. See her artist profile at


My first metals class was next. Working with metal resonated with me. I loved the feel of the metal as I heated and textured it to create a piece of jewelry. I was hooked! More classes and experimenting brought me to where I am today. I am passionate about working with metals. Seeing my concept morph into a finished design is inspiring and exhilarating.


Book by Alene Geed. Read her artist profile at


The next step in my creative journey took the form of a book. I wanted to share my journey into passion.  Inside the Mind of a Jewelry Designer chronicles my path; the joys and the challenges along the way. In the book, I offer the reader a blueprint for his or her own creative journey to a passionate life.


Turquoise pendant by Alene Geed. See her artist profile at


ABI:  Describe your approach to design and the concept behind your collections.

AG:  I love to design in collections. It all stated with the completion of my first design (a sterling pendant). I wanted to wear it right away and add it to my personal jewelry collection. The dilemma? What earrings can I wear with this? Back to the studio to create earrings; followed by the creation of a ring and finally a cuff. My first collection was born and now I was ready to show off my new pendant. Since I figured I was not alone in this desire to wear complementary pieces, I made the decision to create collections for all my designs.


Jasper pendant by Alene Geed. See her artist profile at


The Sacred Spiral Collection has become my most enduring and popular series of designs. The spiral is an ancient symbol representing growth and evolution. Just as the spiral starts small and expands to infinity, so does every kind act we perform.


Amethyst Geode pendant by Alene Geed. See her artist profile at


Next time you hold the door open for someone or smile at a stranger, you have enhanced their day and given them the inspiration to be kind to another… and so on. This kindness creates infinite ripples of joy. I love knowing that my collectors carry this message in their hearts every time they wear one of my designs. “Because Kindness Matters” is my motto.


Tiger's eye earrings by Alene Geed. See her artist profile at


ABI:  How are you currently marketing and selling your work?

AG:  My designs are available in several stores in Arizona. My goal is to expand my reach so stores and galleries in other states in the USA can carry my designs.


Ruby ring by Alene Geed. See her artist profile at


I also have an online store, a Facebook fan page, and a collector mailing list. All collectors (and potential collectors) on my list are kept informed of new designs as they become available for sale. If you are interested in being a part of my collectors list, here is the link.



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