Artist: Alene Sirott-Cope

Using alcohol inks, Alene Sirott-Cope has created an amazing portfolio of artworks. Enjoy!


Beach Birds


ABI:  You use a fascinating technique to create art. Tell us about it.

ASC: I have recently started utilizing alcohol inks to paint both abstracts and realistic scenes. I was only introduced within the past year to this medium. My art has evolved many times in a variety of mediums from pottery and polymer clay to pet portraits and fine art photography, but this has me obsessed. I can’t stop painting!


Encroaching Winter


I love the vivid colors and the reaction of the inks when they combine. They take on a life of their own and are quite serendipitous. The outcome is somewhat similar to water colors but can be painted on many different substrates. I now use plastic wrap in lieu of a paintbrush to achieve interesting and very unique textures. I use a variety of different substrates which allow me to create an interesting array of wall hanging possibilities.




Alcohol Inks were recognized formerly as a scrapbooking tool and are found in the scrapbooking area in art/craft stores. I teach workshops in order to introduce this unique medium others who are not familiar with it’s impromptu properties.


Pink Scape


ABI:  How do you sell your work?

ASC:  I belong to community art organizations which give me access to art shows and juried shows in the area. Often I enter online juried sites as well. I also exhibit in solo and duo exhibits when possible. My workshops give me the capability to network with my students so I hand out my business cards freely.


Under the Sea



My cards have a collage of several art pieces so I can be easily identified by my work. I am a member of Fine Art America, which I use in conjunction with my website to sell my work. They, in turn, publish my work on my Facebook business page in the “Shop” link. I also have an etsy site where I sell all of my pet products. I have a few local galleries in which my art appears. I wear my polymer clay and alcohol ink jewelry whenever I go out which is a great marketing tool! I have had my pet products advertised in specialty pet publications and have had venues at dog shows.


Birthday Kiss


ABI:  How have you gotten publicity for your art, and what advice do you have for other artists to want to do this?

ASC:  I once attended a marketing workshop in which the lecturer (well known mixed media artist and writer Luann Udell) said “If you don’t market yourself, no one else will” and I‘ve always remembered that. So I take a designated amount of time each week to market myself by writing and sending out press releases for my exhibits, designing collateral for shows and writing articles for trade magazines.


Cabbage Patch



I research all appropriate juried shows online and in my local area. I join online associations who put out “Call for Artists” newsletters and analyze the best shows for my type of work. I was taped for HGTV by going to their website and applying for a “That’s Clever” segment. I wrote to “NH Chronicle” (local TV show) and explained my “Raku” process and they were at my home the next day to tape a demo!


El Capitan



Just think of all of the different media available to you and utilize them in all possible ways. Facebook is great! Go public with your work. (Fine Art America will automatically publish your work on your wall in FB and on Twitter!) Also, try to be different with your art to make the media masses take notice! If you market the same as everyone else, what is there that will make you stand out? Play up that difference!


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