Artist: Amy Webster

Painter Amy Webster presents her colorful portfolio and spoke with us about inspiration and evolving as an artist.


"Marlin" painting by Amy Webster


ABI:  How have you evolved as an artist, and how did that lead to the work you do today?

AW:  I graduated art school with a degree in fine art and had dual concentration in fibers and ceramics. It is for this reason that I view myself as a painting “beginner.”


"Lobster" by painter Amy Webster


I worked in many other mediums before I came to painting. Artwork and drawing have been a part of my life since I can remember, so painting is my latest endeavor.


"Grouper" by artist Amy Webster


After many years of black and white charcoal drawings, I felt I needed to expand my horizons and use color. Painting seemed like a fun challenge. My paintings are generally flat with layers of color. I love creating compositions with shapes and colors and movement.


"Crab" by artist Amy Webster


ABI:  What inspires your art?

 AW:  About 15 years ago, I moved to Florida. The natural world here is so different from what I grew up with in Upstate New York, that I found endless interesting and inspiring subjects to paint. Sea creatures, plants and the water change at every moment. It is easy to find new subjects, shapes, patterns, and colors to explore.


"Five Barracudas" by painter Amy Webster


I also have recently spent time studying Spanish, Early European, Roman and Islamic art. I am fascinated by their intricate designs in mosaic tile. Scenes of fish and animal life, patterns rich with colors from different stones, pigments or minerals. These are the artworks that inspire me the most because of the time consuming nature and level of skill needed to produce this kind of  work.


"Seahorse" by Amy Webster


ABI:  What plans do you have for your future as an artist?

AW:  As for the future, I plan to draw more and to paint more. I would love to do some tile projects and create mosaics.


"Mangroves" by painter Amy Webster


As my children get older I hope to have more time to spend on creating artwork. I would like to build a small business that not only produces an income, but fills my need to be creative.



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