Artist Profile: Andy Bauch

Andy Bauch works with Legos to create amazing scenes in large format. We spoke with him about this unusual medium, and the challenges he faces.


Los Angeles, Randy's Donuts, lego sculpture by Andy Bauch


ABI:  What got you started working on projects using Legos as your medium?

AB: While getting my computer science degree I started creating digital art and I was looking for an abstract way to bring it to life with household, commercial objects.


Dustbowl Steer Skull, created in Legos by artist Andy Bauch


I knew it had to be something that came in a fairly wide array of colors and had a standardized design. Those characteristics, along with the nostalgic value of LEGO bricks made them the perfect medium.


Andy Bauch in studio with two finished pieces.


ABI:  How has your work been received?

AB:  Overall people have been extremely positive. Everyone loves to see the ubiquitous childhood novelty used in such a different way, and taken to an obsessive degree.


"Marsh" built with Legos by artist Andy Bauch


I think those of us who grew up with LEGO can easily relate to art made from it, even if the subject is difficult or cryptic, because just by looking at the art we can remember that familiar texture on our fingertips.


"The Kiss" made in Legos by artist Andy Bauch


ABI:  What are the biggest challenges when working with Legos to create images?

AB:  The LEGO callouses on my thumbs! No, really the biggest challenge working with LEGO bricks is obtaining and organizing the sheer magnitude of bricks needed to make a compelling design. It takes thousands for even the simplest of my pieces.


"Biff the Bulldog" built with Legos by Andy Bauch


ABI:  What future plans do you have?

AB:  I just finished a big 4 x 4 foot landscape piece for a hospital in Memphis and now I’m pleased to be working on some additions to two of my favorite series: my Los Angeles landmark depictions, and my pointillist series.



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