Artist: Angie Chase

Glass artist Angie Chase of Gothic Glass Studio presents her work and talks about working towards goals in her small business.


Stained Glass Bluebird Ornament


ABI:  What type of work are you making now?

AC:  I am in the process of spreading my artistic wings. My headlights are shining on images of larger, abstract art pieces intended for show/sale in local galleries. Right now, I’m envisioning crows proudly high-stepping across shabby, antique mirrors and steampunk inspired window-sized panels.


Mistletoe Holly Stained Glass Suncatcher


ABI:  Tell us about your logo and the way you are branding your collection.

AC:  Lately, the concept of branding seems to be following me around so this indicates a need to be looking at how branding is incorporated and reflected in my work/business/name/image.


Crow Suncatcher


Recently, a fellow artist chatted with me about branding and the importance of signing my name to my original designs. I just finished reading a book about entrepreneurship and branding. As I trans-create into the realm of gallery art pieces from the current suncatcher-sized pieces you see in my online Etsy shop, I will be signing and authenticating my work. My image/brand will go through a transformation.


Winter Snow Queen necklace



Also, my website will undergo a re-vamp and act as my online gallery…a place to test drive my creative drive…so stay tuned. I continue to grow and learn as an individual, as an artist and as a business. Call it poetic license or “creative chameleonization”. Most know me only as Gothic Glass Studio, with the lone crow characterizing my logo. I think it’s time I came out of the castle and introduce myself as the artist, Angie R. G. Chase.


Winter Solstice Stained Glass Panel


ABI:  Your Dexter series of jewelry has been very popular. How did you come up with it?          

AC:  My sense of warped ‘n’ wicked humour naturally flows into many of my creations. I giggle mischievously when I come up with these ideas. While on a walk (where most of my ideas are generated…or germinated) I wondered how I could expand my creations into weird wearable art.


Dexter Blood Slide Jewelry


I discovered that many fun things (and dead things) can be placed between glass. I started with hair plucked from my cat (I now have a memorial keepsake of her tortie coloured hair forever immortalized in a glass pendant). I then put old ticket stubs between glass, and then postage stamps…then I got turned on to Dexter.

Because I was using actual microscope slides given to me from a friend who worked in a lab, it just made sense to model the behavior of a serial killer and want to do the same. So, it was actually Dexter who came up with the idea…


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