Artist Profile: Annette Taunton

Artist Annette Taunton shares her upcycled portfolio and talks about creating art that reflects her home on the Florida Gulf coast.


Redfish in Copper by artist Annette Taunton. See her portfolio at


ABI:  Tell us about your newest direction.

AT:  Copper. In the summer of 2015, I was in a junkyard and found a large sheet of copper. After a good bit of negotiating, I traded an old dead truck for the copper. Copper is a metal that I have always been drawn to. I started researching, trying to find a way to paint on the copper. It sat around for a good while in my backyard. Then one morning it occurred to me how I might be able to paint on the copper. I stared experimenting with different paints and primers until I came up with a solution that worked. Now that I had gotten the paint to stick, I needed to figure out how to scratch it off. I work with a knife, dremel, screwdriver and anything that will create the texture and color for the prefect piece of art. I will keep my secret as to how I get the paint to stick, but let’s just say my local hardware store is my favorite place.


"Crab" on copper by artist Annette Taunton. See her art profiled at


I created a few pieces, and the next step was to find the perfect way to display the pieces. I have always loved nature, and Deadhead Cypress seemed to be the perfect answer. The deadhead is dredged from the Choctawhatchee River bottom. I use the outside pieces which would have been thrown in the burn pile.


Fish painting on copper by artist Annette Taunton. See her profile at


All of this together allows me to create a one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Each is created by hand and coated in a resin sealer, so that the copper will remain unchanged in texture or color.


Eagle on copper, mounted on driftwood, by artist Annette Taunton. See her portfolio at


ABI:  How does your current work fit with your location in the Florida panhandle?

AT:  The Florida Panhandle is in the top five most richly biodiverse areas in all of North America. Everything I paint represents that diversity – the sea life in the Gulf of Mexico, the trout and redfish in the bay, the cypress trees in the Choctawhatchee River, the coastal dune lakes. I go out with my sketch pad and camera, spending the day getting lost in the beauty of it all. I thank you for allowing me to share the beauty that I see the way I see it.


"Swordfish" painted on copper, by artist Annette Taunton. She is profiled at


ABI:  How are you selling your art?

AT:  Facebook and the internet has been my primary way to sell art. I also do a couple of art shows. I have a wonderful friend who owns a very small gallery in my little town, called The Gypsy Mermaid. And, I have been invited to sell art in a new gallery for me – Big Mama’s in Seagrove Beach.


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