Artist Profile: Bill Tabar

If you were around in the 1980’s you may remember Sand Pictures – a very popular gift item that mesmerized millions from coast to coast and flew off store shelves.


Sand Pictures were created by Exotic Sand’s founder and our profiled artist, Bill Tabar. Bill spent time working with other products for a while, including Lava Lights, but has stepped back in to recreate his famous sand pictures again – this time with an improved “secret formula” which makes this hypnotic moving sand art better than ever.


With frames made from cherry, alder or metal, these pictures contain different types of sand which flow into ever-changing landscapes. They may appear as mountains, glaciers, lakes or deserts. Every sand picture is unique.


Colored sands from Oregon, Utah, New Mexico and Florida are some of the materials used in making the Exotic Sands Art in Motion product. Exotic Sands is a certified Made in America company. The liquid which interacts and allows the sand to flow, is colored ocean blue, summer turquoise or sunset orange.


As the frame is turned upside down on the swiveling pedestal, it puts the liquid and sand particles into motion. Exotic Sands Sand Art is a perfect conversation piece for an office, or a gift which offers a peaceful, meditative break for the viewer. Bill says, “Sand soothes. Enjoy!”



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