Artist Profile Christopher Mosey

Glassblower Christopher Mosey founded Ignis Glass in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 2002, and has gone through a transformation with his business. Originally exhibiting at retail art shows and wholesale trade shows, he has managed to stop traveling as much, and come up with several innovative ways to sell his production and one-off glass art.


Offering bowl handblown glass geode


Inspired by archeology and ancient cultures, many of his glass sculptures and vessels appear as lost treasures or geodes from the earth. He mentions that he enjoys working fairly large, but economic factors have led him to scale down the size of some of his designs lately. Working with his assistant, and collaborating with other artists help to keep his designs evolving.


Glassblower in Studio


Production work as well as one-of-a-kind art are sold through several gallery accounts in the southern United States. He also occasionally makes personal appearances at trunk shows to help those galleries promote his work to their collectors. He mentions that galleries often seek him out rather than his approaching them, which is very satisfying.


orange handblown glass bottles


Mosey has found another market creating corporate awards, which has become a steady stream of income. These commissioned works have helped to replace income that otherwise would take him out of the studio.


child blowing glass


For the past six years or so, Ignis Glass has opened their studio up to the public, inviting families, corporate groups and tourists to experience glassblowing up close and in person and make their own glass ornament. He says, “People are mesmerized. Kids and parents love it.”


purple and crackle handblown glass bowls


Advertising has produced such an overwhelming response from the public that Ignis Glass is now building a new shop near the Tennessee Aquarium in downtown Chattanooga, strictly for hosting guests who would like to learn and create glass art of their own.

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