Artist: Cyndee Starr

Enjoy artist Cyndee Starr‘s delightful work, based on doodling. She talks about her inspiration and sales.


Artwork by Cyndee Starr


ABI:  Where do you draw your greatest inspiration?

CS: As a mixed media artist and obsessive doodler, I need to create. It’s who I am, it’s my world and everything around me. It is therapy, it offers me escape, and adventure because I never know where it will take me. What will happen if I draw a swirl here, where will I go from there? It’s a portable craft form. I doodle on the patio, I doodle at the beach, I take my journal to Starbucks. I started doodling when I was working full time and commuting to work, which left very little time for mixed media.

Artwork by Cyndee Starr

I also do it in hopes that as I age I will have a creative endeavor that I will never forget how to do. I watched my mother, my sister and my brother, a professional photographer, lose the ability to do what they loved as Alzheimer’s disease took over their lives. I want to be so obsessive about my doodling that I will not forget.

Artwork by Cyndee Starr

ABI:  You call your work “doodles” – what is the technique you use?

CS:  I first started doing Zentangles, but there was too much perfection and repetition, so I ventured off on my own. I use a black #8 Micron pen and start with a line, a squiggle or maybe a box usually on white paper. If I’m doodling a photo, I also use a Micron pen and go over the photo to highlight the shape, size and color definitions. This is after I’ve blown up, sharpened, cropped and color enhanced the picture and printed it.


All Designs by Cyndee Starr


ABI:  What are the primary ways that you sell your work?

CS:  I’ve been showing my work at a local gallery here in Vancouver off and on for several years. I also follow the summer Art Festivals in the spring and summer months. I sell on Etsy, and surprisingly on Facebook. I’ve tried Zazzle and Redbubble but didn’t have a lot of sales, plus the percentage that the artist receives is pretty minimal. Now that I’ve narrowed my line of products down to my doodled photos, I want to pursue the card market and some of the gift shops in the area.


Artwork by Cyndee Starr


Not much stops me these days. I’ll try doodling on almost anything. My friends call me from garage sales when they find something they think I should try. I recently finished a coffee table with a doodled top and checkerboard.

Artwork by Cyndee Starr

When I’m in the nursing home someday you’ll find my room by the trail of doodles on the walls, and chairs, and windows. Oh, and the ceiling fan if I can find a chair to stand on!


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