Artist: Deane Bowers

Brightly colored and highly textural, these sculptural works by artist Deane Bowers are made from reclaimed materials. She talks about her art and her message.


"Anniversary" Deane Bowers. See her artist profile at


ABI:  How has your artistic style and technique evolved?

DB:  While my love of bright, bold and vibrant colors has always been a constant in my artwork, it is the use of diverse textures that has continually changed. From painting on Lucite frames back in the 80’s, to children’s clothes and furniture in the 90’s, to ceramic pieces in the early 2000’s, my use of found objects has been a gradual transformation based on my fascination with textures.


"Bird" Deane Bowers. See her artist profile at


The reclaimed materials I use have been collected from the streets and beaches of Charleston, South Carolina. The excitement of each find, of discovering their jagged edges and street worn brilliance, their imperfections and untold stories of previous uses, all add to the delight and challenge of creatively repurposing them. There is also the added satisfaction of keeping these items out of the landfills, roadways and waterways. My social conscience as an artist has also heightened and matured and it’s my hope that my art will encourage others to be better environmental stewards so we can each do our part to keep our surroundings clean and green.


"Church" Deane Bowers. See her artist profile at


ABI:  What is the message your art shares with your audience?

DB:  The flaws and imperfections in found objects are what make them so unique and interesting to use. These imperfections aren’t deficiencies, but rather a hidden beauty and a tangible strength.


"Quad" Deane Bowers. See her artist profile at


No matter how broken, disjointed and dull they are, they still have value. They can come together with other abandoned items and form a new whole that is stronger than the sum of their parts. We all have value and we all have so much goodness inside us, no matter how discarded, imperfect or lost we might feel.


"Beach House" Deane Bowers. See her artist profile at


Each of my found object sculptures has given new life and fresh purpose to once useless and abandoned things such as nails, wire, wood and hardware scraps. Some of the discarded material I collect are invisible to people so through my art, I hope they will see these items in a new way and have a new appreciation for them. My environmental folk art is a constant reminder of hope, new beginnings and second chances.


"Got Fish" Deane Bowers. See her artist profile at


ABI:  How has your community embraced your art and your message?

DB:  Having had several solo exhibits in various locations, such as North Charleston City Hall and the Main Library in downtown Charleston, as well as participating in numerous shows in several local galleries, I have taken great pleasure in sharing my art with the Charleston community.


Artist Deane Bowers with members of the Coastal Community Foundation. See her artist profile at

Artist Deane Bowers with members of the Coastal Community Foundation


Overwhelming support has come from many of Charleston’s Environmental Organizations such as The Sustainability Institute, The Coastal Community Foundation and The Coastal Conservation League as well as many other eco minded agencies. Some of these organizations have hosted several solo exhibits of my art in their offices, as well as featured my story on their websites. I have even had the pleasure of creating special pieces for a few of their permanent collections. There is a special community kinship when local groups such as Keep Charleston Beautiful ask me to share my art and my story with local school children.


"Keys to a Colorful Heart" Deane Bowers. See her artist profile at


Perhaps my biggest endorsement has come from the Mayor of Charleston who wrote to say “I just wanted to write and thank you so much for bringing some of your artwork over to City Hall. I know we will enjoy seeing it around our offices as a reminder to recycle and reuse! I appreciate you thinking of me and sharing your talents with me and our entire staff.”



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