Artist: Deborah Mores

Artist Deborah Mores presents a charming portfolio created with a paper cutting technique. We spoke with her about the evolution of her work.


"Study in Blue" mixed media, 24" x 36" by Deborah Mores. See her artist profile at

“Study in Blue” mixed media, 24″ x 36″


ABI:  You have a varied background as an artist. How did that lead to what you are doing today?

DM:  Yes, from my education in nursing to my self-taught adventure in design for the home furnishings industry, it has really been an exciting journey. I actually have stenciling to thank as a big part of my journey. By exploring this ancient method of printmaking, I began to follow the path that seemed to light up before me.


"Server at the Jellyfish Ball" mixed media, 12" x 16" by Deborah Mores. See her artist profile at

“Server at the Jellyfish Ball” mixed media, 12″ x 16″


I started a business painting custom murals and borders in homes and businesses in New Jersey and New York City working on my own and with designers on their projects with clients. The designs included everything from children’s designs to complicated patterns that had to match fabrics in feeling and color. That learning experience then turned into a wholesale business that created hand-painted accessories for stores and catalogs across America. Soon I had found an agent and we were approaching companies who turned my simple stenciled designs into books, china, paper products, greeting cards and wallpaper collections.


"A Good Sail" mixed media, 16" x 20" by Deborah Mores. See her artist profile at

“A Good Sail” mixed media, 16″ x 20″


Now I find myself cutting paper designs much like I used to cut stencils except now, I am retaining the inner designs and letting what could be a stencil go. And living in Florida instead of the northeast, I see not only lighter colors, but new design influences come forward in my art such as turtles, seahorses and other coastal designs. I also enjoy whimsy and lighthearted art as a result of all of the children’s rooms and products that I worked on through the years.


Raining Cats and Dogs, watercolor, 9" x 12" by Deborah Mores. See her artist profile at

“Raining Cats and Dogs”, watercolor, 9″ x 12″


ABI:  Tell us about your mixed media work and how you create.

DM:  Sometimes the designs start with a sketch, but many times I start cutting with my X-ACTO® knife right into already painted sheets of watercolor. I love to apply bold colors across the papers and many times the vibrancy and flow suggest the topic that seems to pop into my head to cut out. It is fascinating to layer colors with both watercolor and acrylic paints, inks and iridescent paints.


"Something's Fishy" recycled mixed media, 8" x 20" by Deborah Mores. See her artist profile at

“Something’s Fishy” recycled mixed media, 8″ x 20″


This past year, I started to experiment with all of those cut out pieces and parts of birds and turtles and I began to lift them off the surface of the background and bring the design elements closer to the viewer. Lately, I have been challenging myself with a yearly show held locally called “Trashtastic” where most of the art has to be based on recycled pieces or found treasures and trash. Again, the art is dimensional and is really fun to do. I continue to paint on flat canvas and panels too, but after all of these years in art, I am having a lot of fun experimenting and pushing myself to try other approaches.


"Seahorses" mixed media, 12" x 16" by Deborah Mores. See her artist profile at

“Seahorses” mixed media, 12″ x 16″


ABI:  How are you finding venues to sell your work?

DM:  After moving here, I started applying for many local gallery shows. Most of these shows had a theme and that also pushed me to think outside of the box of what I had been creating. Meeting other artists is a great way to feel a part of a community and network. I began to also teach classes in some of these venues. I am on Facebook, Instagram, have a website and I recently re-approached my Etsy site by adding my watercolors. It is all a very exciting circle of life.



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