Artist Profile: Demetra Turner

Enjoy Demetra Turner’s portfolio, which has hidden and meaningful messages in each piece. She talks about her process and commissions.


Sheep by Demetra Turner


ABI: How do you create your mixed media artworks?

DT:   In creating my mixed media paintings I work primarily on birch wood panels, although I have used other wood pieces and canvas as well. The process begins with a simple sketch of the subject onto the wood and to that I apply a thin coat of clear Gesso.


Lighthouse collage by Demetra Turner


When that is dry, I do a quick under painting in acrylic to establish color and value. After that is dry I then begin applying torn pieces of paper (which I have previously hand painted) using a gel medium. The hand painting process of the paper may involve the use of a Gelli Plate, stamps, stencils, mark makers, inks, drips and splatters to create amazing color combinations, marks and designs.


Snowman Collage by Demetra Turner


In addition to the paper I may include text, musical lyrics and symbols, images, etc. to complete the painting. I then apply a UV protectant varnish to the finished piece.


Pig Collage by Demetra Turner


ABI:  Tell us about your commission process.

DT:  Most of the commission requests I receive are for pet portraits. I usually ask for several good quality photos of the subject and if there are any special toys or activities the pet enjoys.


Pet portrait by Demetra Turner


Depending on the circumstances, I require 50% of the total price in advance. If it is a mixed media work I may include a special sentiment (or several if desired) to personalize that particular piece for the client.


Nest Collage by Demetra Turner


ABI:  What do you think people find most appealing about your work?

DT:  Many people are drawn to my mixed media art because of the color and texture, but upon taking a closer look they discover there is much more to see. Little pictures or words, even recipes, make each painting tell a story. Among the many comments and compliments I have received one stands out in my mind…

Your paintings are like a colorful tapestry of layers that draw you in. I could look at them for hours! I am mesmerized!


Bird Collage by Demetra Turner


Mixed media churns something inside of me that is hard to describe. It excites me and it’s very satisfying as an artist when others experience that same feeling when viewing my art.



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