Artist Profile: Emanuela Aureli

Metalsmith and jewelry artist Emanuela Aureli presents her portfolio and talks technique, marketing and business. Enjoy!


Feathers necklace by Emanuela Aureli


ABI: How do you balance your production jewelry and one of a kind work?

EA: I keep a daily, weekly and monthly calendar and schedule my studio work around a rotating plan that allows for a couple of weeks of small production and limited edition work and another two for developing one of a kind pieces.

I work best by keeping a constant balance between the repetitive work (knowing what/how to do something) and the adventure of discovery and making of a new design.


Spirit Necklace by Emanuela Aureli


ABI: You are a purist in the techniques you use. What is unique about this?

EA: The dedication to process.

Beyond the making of the end piece, I am very attached to the ‘process of making’, which informs and feeds my work and with metal one goes through a constant transformation, by melting it into the liquid form to the solid state and giving it form and shape.


Cone Earrings by Emanuela Aureli


I melt my own metal and alloys; I draw my own wire and pull my own sheet.

Although I do not start from scratch every time and for every single piece (yes, I do buy wire and sheet from suppliers like everyone else!), this ‘purist’ approach to making is vital and center in my techniques.


Coil Jewelry by Emanuela Aureli


For my Twisted&Wires collection, my best selling small production line, I schedule a day just to prepare and lay out all the parts for the 20 or 30 pairs of earrings I have on schedule for that week. Things do not always work as planned, such is life, but I strive to make planning the guiding road map in my career.

I am always happy to discuss and share some of my techniques with customers and collectors; they are always amused by the explanation of my making process, and gain deeper understanding and appreciation of my work through this insight.


Brass and silver earrings by Emanuela Aureli


ABI: You have been focusing on marketing this year. What are your strategies?

EA: This year I decided to turn some much needed and ‘focused’ attention to marketing a social media and on how to implement these tools in my business. I have been allotting daily time for networking and business-based social interactions, primarily on the internet, by following marketing and artist business sites, both for learning and sharing information.

I maintain my own blog and follow a few selected ones that are closely related to my work and are of interest to me.


Twisted Wire Bracelet by Emanuela Aureli


I strongly believe marketing to be a vital component in any business, and having only sporadically addressed this issue in the past, I am glad to be now compensating for the time lost. Key for a marketing plan is constant presence.

My simple strategy includes learning, sharing and networking with continuity to promote my work through ‘deeper and emotional’ customer connections, tailoring my posts for specific events and keeping these simple steps as a constant between my studio and office time.


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