Artist Profile: Greg Little

Greg Little presents his collection of hand-carved boxes, and talks about running a business doing what he loves.


Cocobolo Box


ABI:  What materials do you work with?

GL:  My passion has always been wood as a medium. I remember being around 9 or 10 years old and watching my Dad, Uncle and Grandpa build Pirogues in the garage. I was fascinated with all the tools and how they could be used to shape and mould wood into a beautiful creation. They took the time to teach me the basics and let me help.

Over the years I have continually discovered and used many different types of wood such as local recycled Louisiana Sinker Cypress, numerous woods from around the United States and many exotic woods from all different parts of the world.


Walnut and Salvaged Katrina Oak


My focus is now box making. I sculpt and carve my own unique designs that are much more than a standard flat surface box most people are familiar with. I also line the bottom interior with various leathers and skins instead of the standard velvet or basic wood bottom.


Alligator interior


ABI:  Why do people buy your boxes?

GL:  The most common response when people first see my creations is to call it a jewelry box. I most certainly make jewelry boxes, but there is so much more these are used for such as a good place to put all those remote controls for the TV, cable receivers, DVD players and amplifiers that are so common today.


Padauk and Wenge box


I have had many ideas for their use that I would not have thought about from customers such as a person who purchased one to keep his pistol in, a lady wanting a unique container for her desk to keep candy in, storage for important papers and documents and the uses are endless. People have bought them without a purpose in mind just because they liked the designs and wanted to display it.


Tiger Maple box


ABI:  How do you sell your work? Why does this work best for you?

GL:  My wife Carol and I started participating in the higher end juried art and craft shows several years ago. This has most certainly been fun for us and provides an opportunity to travel, be in an environment with a lot of other creative people and talk with visitors that have come into our display interested in what I have designed and created. Personal involvement also allows me to price my work according to what I feel is reasonable because do not have to overprice my work so a middleman can be involved.


Weathered Oak Box


I also sell directly through my website.

Many people find it refreshing to meet and talk with the person that created a one-of-a-kind unique piece… especially in a world filled with low quality mass produced items that can be purchased cheaply without ever knowing who, where or how many people made it.


Layered and Sculpted Padauk and Maple Box


ABI:  What is your favorite wood to work with?

GL:  Naming my favorite wood is a difficult choice because there are so many unbelievably beautiful wood types in the world. Each has its own character, beauty, colors, grain configurations and uniqueness.


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