Artist: H.K. Anne

Painter H.K. Anne presents her portfolio of stunning landscapes and talks about the business and life of being a professional artist.


"Rock Spring Farm, Leesburg, VA" oil on canvas 30" X 40" by H.K. Anne. See her portfolio at

“Rock Spring Farm, Leesburg, Virginia” oil on canvas 30″ X 40″


ABI: What inspires and influences your painting technique and style?

HKA: I love paint. I love drawing with charcoal on the stained canvas.The colors excite me. When I mix the pigment and mixing medium together into a soupy consistency, but with some body, and mop it on the canvas, I love it!


"Pennsylvania Turnpike" oil on canvas 72" x 60" by H.K. Anne. See her portfolio at

“Pennsylvania Turnpike” oil on canvas 72″ x 60″


I am a huge fan of Van Gogh’s color palettes and the classic color wheel. If I become stuck on which pigment to add when painting, I will pull out my color wheel or open my Van Gogh books for some inspiration and then continue with my creation.


"Goose Creek, Winter 2014, Lime Kiln Road, Leesburg, VA" Oil on Canvas 30" X 48" by H.K. Anne. See her artist profile at

“Goose Creek, Winter 2014, Lime Kiln Road, Leesburg, Virginia” Oil on Canvas 30″ X 48″


As for landscapes, I had been all over the map with subject matter prior to entering the MFA program at Western Connecticut State University. I had shown a lot of success with plein air painting. One day, my perceptive professor suggested that I paint on larger canvases. It was so freeing to me to use my large motor skills, and I’ve been painting on larger canvases ever since.


"Rehoboth Beach, Delaware" oil on canvas 72" X 60" by H.K. Anne. See her artist profile at

“Rehoboth Beach, Delaware” oil on canvas 72″ X 60″


ABI: Tell us about your studio space and practice.

HKA: My studio is at the historic Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia. A converted former federal prison, my space is in one of the brick row buildings and has the original iron bars on the windows with high open ceilings. The light and open space are perfect for painting.


"My Peonies" Oil on Canvas 30" X 48" by H.K. Anne. See her artist profile at

“My Peonies” Oil on Canvas 30″ X 48″


I work from photographs that I take of the landscape. My photos give me a roadmap to paint my works – a journey for me to create, and ultimately, a journey for the viewer to experience for themselves.


"Taos, New Mexico" oil on canvas 60" X 72" by H.K. Anne. See her artist profile at

“Taos, New Mexico” oil on canvas 60″ X 72″


ABI: How do you work with collectors to make art sales?

HKA: Visitors to my studio range from seasoned collectors, to locals entertaining out of town friends, to families sharing weekend time together and to art students looking to glean a bit of insight and feedback on their own works. We can fall into an easy conversation about the studio, my work, their work, life stories and even art history. I find that some visitors are somewhat intimidated when contemplating an original art purchase. I encourage them to buy what they love, and they’ll always find a place for it in their home. Workhouse Arts Center visitors can make purchases directly from the gallery.


"Mallard Pond, Middleburg, VA" Oil on Canvas 36" X 48" by H.K. Anne. See her artist profile at

“Mallard Pond, Middleburg, Virginia” Oil on Canvas 36″ X 48″


I always say that I am just a painter and not a computer person. My daughter Suzanne, a great fan of me and my work, handles the business aspects of H. K. Anne Fine Art LLC. She manages my website and social media, submits applications for juried shows and residencies, and coordinates exhibitions with local galleries and businesses. When appropriate, we coordinate private, in-home showings, so collectors can view my works in their space prior to purchase. It is a great way to build long-lasting relationships with my wonderful art patrons. Suzanne and I have had many memorable rental van excursions to client homes with my works in tow. I am fortunate to have her as my partner!


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