Artist Profile: Helen Kagan

Painter Helen Kagan presents her dynamic portfolio and speaks about the healing power of art.


"We Can Do It" by artist Helen Kagan. See her profile at


ABI:  You call your work “Healing Arts” – could you explain this?

HK:  I like what my friend and colleague, M. Ellenson, PhD, said about my Healing Arts “… the Light as the apex of Helen Kagan’s art is so strong that it reminds us of the sunshine that breaks through the closed window of our visions and compels us to finally open it . . . for self-healing and self-discovery.” I really can’t say it better!


"Tales of My Life" painting by artist Helen Kagan. Read her profile at


For many of us creatives, art is a spiritual path, a transformational process, a way of being. I believe that art heals. I believe in interconnectedness of physical, mental, and spiritual. I believe that tragedy, trauma and pain can be healed with beauty, positive energy, self-expression. And I know that communicating on subliminal levels, my art delivers this messages through positively charged intention, healing frequencies of color, and an energetically balanced composition.


"Autumn Leaves" by artist Helen Kagan. Read about the healing power of her work at


I think because I am a therapist and a healer, the process of creating my art is infused with healing intention. When a viewer is introduced to my art, healing happens in the experience of interacting with my painting. My art facilitates this process allowing a viewer to not only “look at” but experience it multi-dimensionally. Looking at (observing) happens on a cognitive level while “experiencing” occurs on a deeper, visceral, level which allows the deeper healing to take place. Sometimes a person doesn’t even understand why they are attracted to a certain painting, while they “resonate” with certain vibrations of the colors, balanced composition, and positive emotional responses embedded there.


"Eternal Portal" by artist Helen Kagan. Read her profile at


Color is vibration, just as sound is. In music, we respond to combinations of sounds in different ways which allows us to experience harmony or disharmony. Depending on whether the constellation of sounds is harmonious or not, it elicits a different visceral response in all of us. Even when we are not aware of it! I believe a similar process takes place when we experience art.

I can describe my paintings as a “symphony of colors.” Many of them form series of “ColorScapes,” others are “EnergyArt,” and all of them are created with a healing intention. This is also why, while reflecting on my own colorful and deep perception of life and desire to bridge the realities and heal the past, I believe my artwork can enhance healing process to those in need.


Helen Kagan with "Bridge To Hope" - read her story at


ABI:  Your paintings are filled with color and energy. Tell us about your inspiration and creative process.

HK:  Yes, it’s very true – my paintings are saturated with colors, movement, and energy! They are definitely better experienced “in-person” due to live vibrations of bright colors, heavy textures, usually large size, and just an overall charisma and liveliness.

I think that creative process, per se, is one of the most important things in life. For me it is a “co-creation,” because this is when I get in touch with something bigger and much more powerful than just our own reality with our own “little selves.” Well… at least this is how I understand it! Creating involves lots and lots of “processing,” conceptualizing, getting in touch with your “inner Self,” connecting with God/Universe/Universal forces or whatever you believe is there for you on a Higher level of your conscious – with your so-called “Higher Self.”


"Composition #5. Series Abstract Sunsets" by Helen Kagan. See her profile at


This “process” involves working on your own inner stuff before you can actually produce a piece of art…  To me, this whole process looks like a real “birthing” after being impregnated with an idea (that definitely doesn’t let you sleep at night!) for a long time, you finally can approach a “blank canvas” and create your masterpiece. I believe it’s very important to do anything that involves your creativity, enlightens your day, gets your juices going, and brings smile on your face! But, to create a real “piece of art” takes a lot of your soul. Or rather, all of your soul… And after that, you literally give a birth to your “baby,” and then – share it with the world. It’s no longer yours, it is now has a purpose to lighten up a path for others… This is actually how I understand my “Healing Arts” purpose and mission.


"High Ways" by artist Helen Kagan. Read her profile at


ABI:  What responses have you gotten from people who have viewed your art?

HK:  People want to linger, feel fascinated, joyful and grateful. Many respond by being attracted to the movement and bright colors. Many say they experience joy, calmness, emotional stability, feel happy, and see themselves “on a Journey.” Many report feeling better even physically and not only emotionally.


"Sun Shower" by artist Helen Kagan. Her artist profile is published at


My art provides an opportunity to explore your feelings. It brings up different emotions, but it is always to elicit a positive response.

Because it is intentionally embedded with positive healing messages communicated through energetically balanced colors and composition, I believe it becomes a medium for healing.

This is why I as a Healing Artist, keep creating and sharing my art for inspiration, healing, transformation, and just for your good mood.


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