Artist: Jann Bauer

Designer Jann Bauer, the owner of Rio Jewelry Studio, presents her fun and colorful collection. We spoke with her about running a handmade business.


"Beach Chic Nautilus" bracelet by Jann Bauer. See her artist profile at


ABI:  Who do you design jewelry for?

JB:  As a beach-inspired jewelry artist, I design art jewelry for the free-spirited woman, a woman with a bohemian soul. She is mostly unconventional, she may be an artist, musician, adventurer, writer, lover of animals and nature, or a bit of a gypsy.

She is down to earth, attracted to organic, natural elements and feels a strong connection with the beauty and tranquility of the sea. She is timeless and ageless.


Jewelry design by Jann Bauer. See her artist profile at


Many of my clients wear my bracelets that feature gemstones and talismans known to enhance creativity. Others are looking to increase their consciousness and intuition through the vibration and energy that the stones and crystals in my pieces are said to be known for. Art jewelry can be a touchstone, to help remind you of who you are. 


"Anicca" Necklace by Jann Bauer. See her artist profile at


ABI:  Tell us about your studio practice.

JB:  While designing, I set the intention I wish to imbue in each piece, and go from there. For my beach chic boho jewelry, I focus on instilling the calm and meditative vibes of ocean waves, for inner peace. I want you to feel the ocean mist on your cheek when you glance at the bracelet on your wrist, or catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror, and in that moment, transport you down to the sea.


"Om" bracelet by Jann Bauer. See her artist profile at


My clasps and findings are made by twisting, hammering, and soldering copper, silver, and gold filled wire. I use a simple wire work technique for many of my bracelets and earrings.


"Meditate" necklace by Jann Bauer. See her artist profile at


Lately, while stringing Tibetan beads, I have been practicing Creation Meditation, a practice combining meditation with creative expression. It keeps me centered and in the present moment, focused only on my design and it enhances my creativity.

Along with gemstones and crystals, I also collect Tibetan beads from Nepal in all colors, shapes and sizes. These very beautiful, handmade, free trade beads in brass inlay call out to the wanderlust in me.


"Lotus" bracelet by Jann Bauer. See her artist profile at


Here in my studio, my sanctuary, I design sacred adornment in solitude, in silence mostly, by my little fireplace, sometimes with new age music, which inspires me. The ambiance and the feel and mood of the space, for me, must be conducive to what I am creating. Each piece then seems to just manifest on its own, almost effortlessly.


"Sacred Spiral" bracelet by Jann Bauer. See her artist profile at


ABI:  How do you sell your jewelry?

JB:  At art festivals, events and pop-ups, as well as to individual clients. In the near future I plan on wholesaling to shops that embrace the bohemian spirit. I also sell my designs at my online store.



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