Artist: Jerilynn Babroff

Jerilynn Babroff creates an amazing collection of whimsical ceramic art. Enjoy, and be sure to visit her website to more of her work.


Whimsical teapot by Jerilynn Babroff


ABI:  What inspires your fun and whimsical style?

JB:  I like bringing out the fun or high moments in life. I have been influenced by many  artists, everyone  from Picasso, Matisse,  Keith Haring and the funk clay artists like Arneson, Voulkas, Shaw and Mary Frank.


Hearts and Stripes by Jerilynn Babroff


I like to make the images simple and colorful to bring out  feelings and emotions. Clay is a great medium to express my feelings.


Canisters by Jerilynn Babroff


ABI:  How do you sell your work? 

JB:  The last few years I have been selling my work online, also at a few local craft shows and a studio sale once a year in the summer. I do wholesale to some galleries and do a bit of consignment. I like doing a show occasionally and meet people and getting the feedback. I enjoy working with local galleries.


Shoe teapot by Jerilynn Babroff


 ABI:  What have you learned from the feedback you get from customers?

JB:  Many times they inspire me with their ideas. I always use black as a trademark color, but right now I am working with different colors on a commission. This is something new for me.


Sculptural Jar by Jerilynn Babroff


ABI:  What unusual work have you created?

JB:  I used to do sculpture, including abstract figures portraying all types of emotion. I’ve made tables as well, with a face on the tabletop.


Handbag teapot by Jerilynn Babroff


They are pretty outrageous looking, and a statement piece, and have been some of my bestsellers over the years. They average about 22” high. Sometimes I will use glass on the top of them.


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