Artist Profile: Jessi West Lundeen

Painter Jessi West Lundeen presents her portfolio, filled with a variety of images in her delightful signature style.


"Wonderland" by artist Jessi West Lundeen


ABI:  How would you describe your signature style?

JWL: I would say that my style is colorful, vibrant and playful. I allow color and line to play a major role in the storytelling of my art. I use broad strokes, thick textures and graphic lines to make up my compositions. I love color and I often play with how colors react next to each other. I am inspired by impressionism, cubism, and color theory.


"Sun Dog II" by artist Jessi West Lundeen


ABI:  Why did you choose to work with acrylics?

JWL: I was encouraged to use oils in art school. However, I never took to them. I love the fast pace of acrylic paints. I love playing with layering colors and I often change my mind quickly. Acrylics allow me to move between ideas and cover things up when I decide on something else. Acrylics seem more playful to me, which is fitting for my style of painting and creating.


"Eric's Visit" by artist Jessi West Lundeen


ABI:  What is your favorite subject matter?

JWL:  Birds. Mountains. Trees. Animals. I love painting nature. I usually paint scenes that I remember or make up in my mind. Painting for me is an exclamation of how beautiful the natural world is. I find so much joy being outside and experiencing nature for what it is.


"Bird of Prey" by artist Jessi West Lundeen


I paint landscapes in vibrant colors to try to capture how my eyes have seen the mountains, fields and trees. Shadows are also my muse. I love playing with the contrasting color and shapes that shadows make on the ground.


"Tetons in the Fall" by artist Jessi West Lundeen


ABI:  You have two studios, in Wyoming and also New York. What are the advantages of each, and what have you learned?

JWL:  Growing up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I find that having a studio in my hometown is very easy. I am able to show my art in galleries and businesses when I am traveling or living elsewhere. The landscapes, birds, and animals in my hometown are always inspirational to me and show up in a lot of my work.


"NYC II" by artist Jessi West Lundeen


New York seemed like the perfect fit for me at the moment. It is full of life and opportunity. Having a studio in New York City has allowed me to experiment with cityscapes and play more with urban ideas of nature. I have also been able to show my work to a broader community and begin a larger network of followers. The successes of both places are very different, but I feel that I am always learning and growing as an artist no matter where I go.


"Gypsy Queen" by artist Jessi West Lundeen


My next move is to Denver, Colorado this fall. I am so excited to pursue galleries there and to spend summers doing art fairs. I am always trying to follow the market for my work and I think I might have found the perfect spot.


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