Artist Profile: Joanna Gregores

 Artist Joanna Gregores shares her delightful portfolio and fascinating story, and talks about doing business with her creative work.


"Le Tapisseurprint" by artist Joanna Gregores. See her artist profile at


ABI:  Your art has a joyful feeling – whimsical, colorful and fun. What inspires you to create?

JG:  Color and whimsy are a way for me to make peace in what seems like a more and more hostile world. Instead of focusing on all the darkness, I like to see the light and celebrate it with color and joy.


"Summer Table" by artist Joanna Gregores. See her artist profile at


I have had the good fortune to live on three different continents and it is through my drawing that I have discovered different cultures and people. My pen is my camera and my way of seeing what is around me. I love the act of drawing, painting and mark-making whether it be a pen and ink contour drawing, a watercolor or a large textural acrylic painting. I often balance my work with patterns and am captivated by the small details found in the world around me.


"Daisies" by artist Joanna Gregores. See her artist profile at


During my Vietnam years I became enamored with it’s tropical flora and fauna and it continues to be an inspiration today. I used to ride my bike, pen and sketchbook in hand and draw tree’s, orchids, market sellers and people simply living their lives.


"Laure and Marcos Revisited" by artist Joanna Gregores. See her artist profile at


I also love architecture and living in one of the great capitals of the world is a daily feast for the eyes! When I first got here I was mesmerized by the rod iron railings, the way they twisted and turned and I drew them incessantly, I think these details even if now subconscious are ever present in my work.


"Ribbon Reef 3" by artist Joanna Gregores. See her artist profile at


City life fascinates me because there is so much going on simultaneously. Humanity is my greatest inspiration. I love to capture vignettes of daily life, whether it be a a still life or people sitting in a café watching the world go by.


"Summer's Harvest" by artist Joanna Gregores. See her artist profile at


There are so many threats in our world today. If my work can give someone a smile or a small respite from all the dangers that lurk, I will consider that I have contributed something positive to this world we all share.


Artist Joanna Gregores poses in her exhibit booth. See her artist profile at


ABI:  How do you sell your art? What types of products does your art appear on?
JG:  I am very active on social media and post my work regularly on Facebook and Instagram. Both have been great platforms for getting my work out to a much larger audience, as well as providing me with a way to sell prints and originals. I have a website which also serves as a platform to sell. In the past, I worked with interior decorators selling work to be placed in corporate apartments, etc.


"Ode to Alzheimer" by artist Joanna Gregores. See her artist profile at


I have printed my work on fabric and created a line of of textiles, such as tablecloths, placemats, napkins and runners as well as pillows and window shades. Several years ago I created a line of lamps, printing my designs on mulberry paper. I did trade fairs in San Francisco, New York and Paris and developed a clientele from the shows.  Presently I am working with  a company called Vida and I have a line of cashmere silk scarfs, bags, blouses and pillows which can be found on their site.


"Siesta Chalk Pastel" by artist Joanna Gregores. See her artist profile at


ABI:  What plans do you have to develop your art and your collection in the future?

JG:  I am planning to spend much more time in San Francisco, California and will definitely be doing a lot of drawing in the months to come. I would like to further develop my licensing possibilities and work with interior decorators, and designers. I really love working in textiles and think my work translates beautifully in these mediums.


"Tree in the Courtyard" by artist Joanna Gregores. See her artist profile at


I am also actively trying to make my original pieces  available as prints to make my work available to a wider audience. To be very honest, I am open to pretty much anything, and love to discover new things that don’t compromise my artistic integrity and provide a challenge.


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  1. Joanne L. Robinson says

    I love your work! It does make me happy!

  2. I love your prints! I have used your greeting cards for years and the placemats I bought in New York several years ago are still in great shape and we use them every day. They are so colorful and fun and brighten my mornings. The pillows I bought for my daughter are lovely too. Thanks for your fun and joyful art!

  3. J’ai une petite lampe à bougie que j’ai reçue de vous à Paris que j’aime.
    Merci Joni!

  4. Bliss Cochran says

    Just when I think I’ve seen my favorite Gregores, you surprise and captivate me with something new.

  5. Linda Ballard says

    I enjoy so much your very unique images & the colors are thrilling.

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