Artist: Joy Scott

Joy Scott of Coastal Art Glass shares her impressive glass portfolio, and her experience as a business person.


"Vibration Red" by Joy Scott


ABI:  Although you now work as an artist, your background is in business. How is that helpful to you?

JS:  As in any endeavor, artists need to understand their costs and how this effects their position in the marketplace. One should price their work based on the worth or value, but knowing that these prices will allow them to continue to operate, produce and expand. Producing more at lower margins is not always the answer. I’ve met many an artists who, due to their confusion regarding overhead and costs, are losing money and end up closing their studios. To sum it up, I keep tight reins on my costs and expenses.


Blue glass pendant


ABI:  What is it about glass that you find most exciting as a medium?

JS:  Glass offers colors, textures and combinations that allow me to make my feelings flow into the glass to fully express my designs. I love the way light plays with the patterns of the glass in the garden and in the home.


Iridescent Green Glass Sculpture by Joy Scott


ABI:  What do you find challenging about taking commissions, and how do you handle those challenges?

JS:  As with any artist, we bring our art, design sensibilities and feelings into any project. While we want to satisfy the client, as they choose us to do their commission, we must remain true to ourselves. I spend quite a bit of time speaking to the client to insure I understand their desires and they understand how I’ll attempt to meet them.


Image 2


I use many photos during the process and try to offer options. I believe involving the client is critical. One must also remember to collect at least a minimum of 50% up front to make sure they understand that there is value in my work.


Glass Art by Joy Scott


ABI:  Tell us about your newest work.

JS:  I’m divided in my directions. In the larger work, I’m doing modern abstract textural pieces. For my wearable art, I’m creating hand sculptured, labor intensive, art glass statement pendants. The pendants have an organic feel with the greatest possible dimension and detail with a free flowing mood.


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