Artist Profile: Julia Grifol

Julia Grifol is a Spanish artist, licensing her art to manufacturers. She spoke about the licensing industry, and her experiences.


Blue Feathers


ABI: How did you get involved with art licensing? 

JG:  A Facebook friend told me that a new brand was launched, Kess In House, and she encouraged me to submit to them. At the beginning, I hardly knew anything about art licensing, as I had always sold my patterns outright to Spanish brands.


My Happy Flowers


So I trusted myself and I submitted some of my designs, which Kess In House accepted – and we started working together. This was my fist licensing agreement, just about 14 months ago. That led to me to be contacted, and to contact, some more brands.


Julia Grifol in Studio


ABI:  How many companies do you work with? 

JG:  At the moment, I am licensing my work with seven brands, and I am also negotiating with  three other ones. Likewise, I am selling my work to some print-on-demand sites such as Society6, Spoonflower and others as well as some textiles studios.


Dress of BooBoks Owls Fabric


ABI:  Why type of products have your images on them?

JG:  I am licensing my work mainly on home products (rugs, duvets, pillows), on some kitchen items (serving trays, tablecloths, placemats), accessories (iphone and ipod cases), some fashion garments (scarfs, prints), on fabrics and some pet supplies.

In the near future, I would like to license in the stationery, children fashion and bag brands markets. In the past, I have designed for children and this is the field I like the most.


Black Flowers Tote


ABI:  Do you work with a licensing agency?

JG:  No, not now. I hope I will when I find the time. I have heard about some of them. At the moment, I am devoting myself to create new patterns to offer to my existing licensees, and my future ones.


Tropical Leaves


ABI:  How do you look for new companies to work with?

JG:  There are several ways. Mainly, I know some brands thanks to belonging to Facebook and LinkedIn groups related to surface design. Also, thanks to designer friends and other contacts. There are also some art licensing websites which show the links to some brands, and also it is possible to find companies just Googling them.

I have been also contacted through my blog, my Facebook and my LinkedIn pages.


Blue Butterflies


ABI:  How would you describe your artwork and your style?

JG:  I think my style is fresh and naïve, highlighted by the use of cheerful and bright colors. I love designing floral or botanical motifs, which can be a bit childish and girly too.


Danish Houses


I also have in my portfolio monochromatic or soft colored geometric patterns, which are exclusively designed for home products. All my patterns are vectors because I give importance to the line and the art of drawing.


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