Artist: Karrie Ross

Mixed media artist Karrie Ross shares her thoughtful portfolio of work, and talks about the meaning behind what she creates.


"Face It" mixed media, 30" x 22" by Karrie Ross. See her artist profile at

“Face It” mixed media, 30″ x 22″


ABI:  What influences your art?

KR: Art is my chance to stand as one with the water, liken to a leaf in a stream, not getting caught up in the rocks, yet creating from the flow. My artwork is influenced by my fascination with observation, play, and the questions of being human. The challenge is to create a compelling form built with intention emerging from a conscious focus on the motivations of doing what is necessary to feel safe, confident, resilient, aware, and to plant the “seeds” of introspection to make a difference.

"Blue Pearl" mixed media, 58" x 48" by Karrie Ross. See her artist profile at

“Blue Pearl” mixed media, 58″ x 48″


ABI:  What is your current body of work about?

KR: It’s about surviving, resilience, and tenacity. About actions of gathering, sorting, patterns, that influence thinking, a study into pure human nature. At the end of 2016, I found myself beginning the recovery from a nine-month long lawsuit, and wondering how I was going to bring “balance” again into my life.


"The Magic of 10" mixed media, 30" x 22" by Karrie Ross. See her artist profile at

“The Magic of 10″ mixed media, 30″ x 22”


To find a mental and physical balance, I found comfort in the figure I had been exploring since 1990, I call “The ONE” and started to identify with it as the watcher, the all, the human nature element. The ONE in the 3D form is 72” x 24”. This size gives it the substance of being human. It is embellished with paint, wire, beads, collage, and anything else lying around that fits the intention.

To find my emotional balance, I started exploring the movement of process art, and of letting-go, the purest action of flowing of iridescent paint, where you don’t know what it will look like until it dries. This forced me to respect the action of “waiting for the paint to dry” and the connection with a deeper rationale.


"Elements" mixed media, 72" x 24" each by Karrie Ross. See her artist profile at

“Elements” mixed media, 72″ x 24″ each


ABI:  You use some unusual materials and techniques. How did this come about?

KR: I am drawn to process art, the doing action of human nature, motivated, the purpose with intention. I started out with watercolor and moved into using oils. Both these mediums seemed “alive”. After a while I wanted more. I found the more in the reflective quality of metal leaf, and metallic paints, which lead to adding acrylic “iridescent” paint.  I really like the shine and the ability these mediums have to change with lighting, as the perspective changes. Next, I added 3D medium(s) such as wood, wire, beads, and collage. They are more construction oriented, and chosen for their ability to supply dimension with a feeling of depth intended to accentuate the need for introspection, and again, they catch light and cast shadows. This shows up as lifted and asymmetrical kinetic elements.


"The One with Water" mixed media, 30" x 22" by Karrie Ross. See her artist profile at

“The One with Water” mixed media, 30″ x 22″


ABI:  Tell us about the books you’ve coordinated so far and your future plans.

KR: I’m a book designer by profession. I started organizing the art-project-books in 2012 because of questions I felt were compelling enough to share. I believe that artists are historians, that their work saves something from becoming forgotten, and changes lives and perspectives. They are instigators of new thinking, and I wanted to bring attention to that.

The series is titled “Our Ever Changing World”, books one and two were four color, larger books with questions from my own inquiry. From that point, I decided to go the standard paperback size, black/white and have many artists sharing their stories. Books 1-6 concentrated on California artists. This is now changing.


Books by Karrie Ross


The future of the books are to extend their reach by offering entry to a broader (national/international) audience starting with book #7, Artist Art & Story Best of 2017. There is no charge to submit. The book entry will be posted near the end of September 2017. And I invite you to join the mailing list or Facebook page to receive the updates.


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