Artist Profile: KathyAnne White

Artist KathyAnne White has created a fascinating body of work. She presents her mixed media sculptural pieces and talks about the techniques she has developed.


"Eclectic" sculpture by KathyAnne White


ABI:  What has inspired your mixed media sculptures?

KW:  My artistry is directly related to a lifelong fascination with forests and trees. Investigating the forms, shapes and textures of forests and their environs—I create abstract moments of time in a visual space. In each separate piece something emerges as it is shaped, bent, formed and welded with my base metals.


KathyAnne White Sculptural Elements "Breaking Through"


Inspiration is drawn from the materials chosen for each project. Working with tangible materials moment by moment allows me to achieve the flow of a piece. Color, textures, layers, shapes and structure find their own way with the metals I have in my hands. Many times materials are used for other than what they are intended. This keeps me from having preconceived notions on how things should go.


KathyAnne White Sculptural Elements "Something Old"


ABI:  How did you devise your digital printing techniques, and how do you use them in your art?

KW:  My digital printing techniques were devised over years by trial, error and success. Participating in a multitude of digital imaging courses at a community college my path drew me toward wide format printing. This was on the heels of a month in New Zealand spent teaching, plus a residency at Yosemite National Park spent creating art. These events pushed me to view my work in an entirely new way.


KathyAnne White Sculptural Elements "Distressed"


While investigating my artwork direction I applied for and was awarded an Artist Project Grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts. My project “Expanding the Digital Print to Uncommon Surfaces” energized me to explore and print thousands of alternative surfaces.

In the beginning, the digital images printed were used in my fiber work, cut and collaged into the composition. Once I printed my first beverage can, metals started to play a bigger part in my work. These metals are lightweight and strong amazing when printed, and easily cut. Pieces of cans and lightweight metals were strung on hemp or wire and crocheted into a configuration for a wall piece.


KathyAnne White Sculptural Elements "Openings"


Today I use both processes of digital printing and digital image transfer in my work. My sculptures incorporate digital image transfers in various incarnations. Small elements of digital prints are assembled and woven into the surface of a sculpture. Digital prints on lightweight metals are cut and used in various spaces flat, crinkled or wrapped around the sculpture base. From moment to moment, digital imagery will be the exact next element I turn to when working.


KathyAnne White Sculptural Elements "Openings" view 2


ABI:  Tell us about your teaching and workshops.

KW:  Teaching and developing new ideas and techniques set me on the road to teaching workshops soon after acquiring my skills with digital printing alternative surfaces. I love to share what I have learned and encourage students to develop ideas on how to use these types of surfaces in their own artwork.


Studio of artist KathyAnne White


My workshops for the last several years have focused on digital printing alternative surfaces. It is amazing how easy it is for any artist to print a metal or constructed surface and get wonderful results. And now with my work with digital image transfers I have been able to teach students to bring digital imagery into unusual places in their art. Encouraged to write a book on my techniques I self published a book in 2013 that will teach any artist how to digitally print surfaces for their work.

My entire printing process for a multitude of surfaces is available in both an ebook and a print book. “Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces-the definitive source.”


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