Artist Profile: Kristine Baker

Kristine Baker creates an amazing collection of art to wear. She presents her portfolio and talks about inspiration and technique.


Spring Coat by Kristine Baker


ABI:  How have your extensive travels influenced your designs?

KB:  Living abroad in several locations has been wonderful. In Mexico I learned the usage of intense colors and in Switzerland I learned that everyone deserves good design, no matter what their economic status.


Dress and Vest


ABI:  How did you get started selling to museum stores?

KB:  I started my museum store work as a Roycroft Artisan for The Copper Shop in New York; once I had a foothold with a museum location, gaining entry into other stores was easier. Much of my museum work is designing within the Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau eras.


Pillow by Kristine Baker


I tend to work with smaller museums and create exclusive designs for them, perhaps incorporating a specific symbol of the location.  For example: The Gamble House’s well-known front door, or the architecture of Fallingwater.


Klimt Wrap by Kristine Baker


ABI:  Describe the steps involved in taking a one-of-a-kind commission.

KB:  One-of-a-kind commissions require considerable personal time with the client: discussing what she wants; I have a swatch book of colorways to stir her thinking.


Pink Jacket by Kristine Baker


Careful measurements are taken and I usually do a “fitting” with her before finishing the piece. I have both regular and queen-size sewing mannequins to work with and of course the final meeting is the grand try-on!


Kimono by Kristine Baker


ABI:  What techniques are you using in your production work?

KB:  For production work I still have been hand drawing all designs and each piece is hand-painted, making each creation unique.


Handpainted Silk Scarf by Kristine Baker


Recently, because of the popularity of some designs, I have been moving towards silk screening the outlines of the design; naturally it moves much faster but still gives me a way to control the dyes within the lines.

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