Artist Profile: Leora Asa

Artist Leora Asa works in a variety of mediums. We spoke with her about creating in the studio as well as managing her art business.


Artwork by Leora Asa. See her artist profile at


You have created art in many different styles.  What fascinates you about painting abstracts?

Wow, great question! Art, like anything else, can be like a “job” sometimes. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a great job, but often it’s hard work to get it right. Not many people realize that it’s an intellectual, as well as aesthetic, process; thinking about color relationships, composition, line. I draw on references from art history, studying both the masters and lesser known artists, trying to understand and learn from them in the context of my own work. Painting abstracts is a different world altogether. It’s free, spontaneous, and unencumbered by anything other than my own passion.


Artwork by Leora Asa. See her artist profile at


Painting abstracts really puts me in the “Zone”; it feels like my hand is disconnected from my body, separate from my brain, guided by something I don’t want to understand, but prefer to simply let happen. The paint just flows. I might labor over a representational work or commission for days or weeks, but the abstracts “emerge” in a matter of hours. It’s really a joyous, unrestrained indulgence in pure color, texture and form – and in the end, I feel as though I’ve been to another place altogether.


Artwork by Leora Asa. See her artist profile at


How do you work with clients who are commissioning your art?

There’s really no single answer to that, because every person, every job, is different. That’s what makes this kind of work so exciting. Some clients know exactly what they want, and the jobs are very straightforward; others trust my sensibilities implicitly and give me free reign. Most, naturally, fall somewhere in the middle. For them, once we have established a working relationship, I try to help them get in touch with their own “inner artist”, to help guide them toward the possibilities that exist for them, and mostly, to help them have confidence in their own ideas.


Artwork by Leora Asa. See her artist profile at


This gives them a strong sense of involvement in the process, and often leads to a long-term relationship which is, of course, my goal. It’s far more personal than the relationship one might have with say, an accountant or a lawyer. A good part of my business is repeat business. Customers move, they redecorate, they take on new projects and refer me to their friends and family. I know that I have been successful when I get that second phone call, even if it’s years later. The money part of it is straightforward; deposit, delivery, payment. Not unlike any other business transaction.


Handmade Rug Design by Leora Asa. See her artist profile at


You refer to your custom-designed area rugs as your bread & butter. How does this work?

I’ve been designing and fabricating rugs for nearly 30 years; ranging from simple borders or entry rugs to complex designs that tie together entire interior design concepts. They’ve been called “Floor Art”, although some fabrications are made specifically to be hung on the wall, like tapestries.


Handmade Rug Design by Leora Asa. See her artist profile at


Because of their unique fit and contribution to an overall gestalt, they are sought after by decorators and homeowners to make their homes really stand out. From both a business and aesthetic point of view, the rugs become the doors that opens to many additional ideas and possibilities, creating opportunities for custom paintings, wall hangings, murals or other pieces that will help pull an entire aesthetic together for my clients.



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