Artist: Linda Blumel

Jewelry artist Linda Blumel presents her gorgeous portfolio and shares her selling strategies.


Druzy earrings


ABI:  What do you believe is the most appealing thing about your jewelry collection? 

LB:  I feel it is the combination of the gorgeous, colorful stones and the simple, clean metalwork. My rings are definitely my most popular item. With the huge variety in color, size and shape of the stones, each client can select a special stone that speaks to her or him. Some prefer big, chunky rings while others prefer something a bit more delicate.


3 rings by artist Linda Blumel


Another thing most of my customers like is the combination of silver and gold. They can easily wear one of my rings with any of the other pieces they have in their jewelry collection, whether they be gold or silver.


Dinosaur bone pendant


I also make the bands on my rings wide, heavy and smooth. Many customers have commented about how comfortable my rings are to wear.


Gaspeite earrings


ABI:  Tell us about the open studio events that you host each year.

LB:  I am a member of the Sonoran Arts League and each year we host a self-guided studio tour called Hidden in the Hills. It’s a 6-day open studio tour that takes place on the weekends before and after Thanksgiving, with about 45 studios and more than 150 artists participating. I open my studio and host 3 to 4 other artists, as well. Along with jewelry artists, we have painters, ceramic artists, mixed media artists, sculptors and glass artists.


Montana agate pendant


All of the artists are encouraged to demonstrate their techniques during the tour and visitors are welcome to ask questions and learn about the art, as well as purchase it. It is a lot of fun and also exhausting! I always feel a sense of renewed energy and inspiration for my work after it is over.


Boulder opal earrings


ABI:  Have you successfully sold your jewelry through social media?

LB:  I feel I have, especially because the investment is just time rather than money. Facebook seems to be a good fit for me. I have a business page, Linda Blumel Studio, and I try to post a photo of one item a week. When I do, I try to give some information about the stone or stones in the piece and people respond well to that. I have sold quite a few pieces after I have posted them on my page.


Rings by artist Linda Blumel


I also have my Etsy shop linked to my Facebook page and vice versa, so Facebook followers can easily see the items I currently have available and Etsy clients can easily find my Facebook page.


Dinosaur bone earrings by Linda Blumel


I also have those Facebook posts set up to go out as tweets, but I don’t have much of a following on Twitter. I don’t think as many of my clients are as active on Twitter as they are on Facebook. I am also on Pinterest and have a board dedicated to my jewelry, but I haven’t seen much response from that.

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