Artist Profile: Lisa Tornello

Jewelry designer Lisa Tornello brings a diverse experience to her current studio work. We spoke with her about inspiration and future plans.


Jewelry design by Lisa Tornello. See her artist profile at


ABI:  How did you end up as a metalsmith?

LT:  My first exposure to metalsmithing was during my senior year of college. I was part of a month long exchange program with the College of Ganado in Arizona, located on a Navajo reservation, where I took a extremely basic silversmithing course class taught by Mr. Roanhorse!


Jewelry design by Lisa Tornello. See her artist profile at


I graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from St. Mary’s College of Maryland and went on to a career as a graphic designer in advertising, all the while creating “my” art on the side in the evenings and on weekends. I painted, made baskets, spent 10 years as a potter and then got seriously into quilting (for which I hold several awards.) But it wasn’t until I was married and moved to New Jersey that I noticed an adult education course in silversmith/jewelry being offered in the next town that the jewelry bug actually stuck. Twenty years later I am still at it!


Jewelry design by Lisa Tornello. See her artist profile at


ABI:  What inspires you when designing?

LT:  I get inspiration from many places, but I would say mainly from nature and the environment. Inspiration is literally everywhere — the ripples in a puddle or the end-grain of a piece of wood; the color play in the scarf I just bought.


Jewelry design by Lisa Tornello. See her artist profile at


Wherever you look there are these incredible patterns and textures, shapes and colors! I also love stones — and not just the perfect, calibrated ones. Some of my favorite pieces have been made using stones just picked up along the beach or off somebody’s driveway. This love of nature and all my years in advertising have given my jewelry a very graphic yet earthy quality to it, ergo “Cycles of Nature”.



ABI:  Where do you plan to take your business in the future?

LT:  As it happens, my advertising career is quieting down at the moment (the company I have worked at for the past 25 years has just closed), so I see this as an opportunity to finally focus on my own art. To that end I just finished creating my web store and plan to start exhibiting at a few more juried art shows throughout the year.


Jewelry design by Lisa Tornello. See her artist profile at


I still need to familiarize myself with all the various social medias to determine which ones will be the most beneficial in helping to promote my work to a wider audience. Ultimately, my goal is to get my work seen by more people while remaining true to myself, creating inspired one-of-a-kind, little works of art!


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  1. Barbara Sybert says:

    The most talented jewelry artist I know ~ Creativity to the max and Beautiful One of a Kind pieces! Go check out her website !

  2. Cordell Irvine says:

    Awesome interview and incredible product!! You are so super talented!

  3. Carla Frankenfield says:

    I love the pieces showcased in Lisa’s profile. She happens to be my sister and I’m so proud of her growth as an artist. She truly does original work!

  4. Kathleen says:

    AMAZING work! Lisa is so gifted and inspiring! I always receive compliments whenever I wear one of her pieces due to the beauty and uniqueness of her work. XOXO

  5. Teal Cary says:

    I always feel proud to wear a piece of Lisa’s jewelry. Whether a beautiful one-of-a-kind necklace, earrings or a pin, her jewelry always solicits a compliment and questions about the artist. It’s wonderful that Lisa can now devote full time to her craft.

  6. Libby Lomauro says:

    Lisa is so talented! I love all her jewelry and not only is she a true artist but a serious metalsmith as well. Her jewelry is high quality and beautiful!

  7. Your designs are beautiful and I love the use of natural stones.
    Great interview

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