Artist Profile: Lori Alexander

Enjoy painter Lori Alexander’s portfolio of Stray Cat Art. We spoke with her about her art and her business.


Augusta by Lori Alexander


ABI:  How did you come to develop two bodies of work, one realistic and the other whimsical?

LA:  The realistic cat portraits are my serious art projects. The whimsical cats are just for fun and to make people smile.


Whimsical Lacomb Cats by Lori Alexander


ABI:  What percentage of your cat portraits are commissioned by customers?

LA:  Ten percent of my cat portraits are commissioned by customers. The other 90% are the faces of cats I thought would make a nice painting. People who buy these say it’s because the watercolor reminds them of their cat.


Pandora by Lori Alexander


ABI:  What is the “secret” of your portrait work?

LA:  The secret of my cat portrait paintings is to use only two colors. I choose two complementary colors straight across from each other on the color wheel.


Montgomery by Lori Alexander


The cat’s eyes are the focal point of each painting. Cats have the most beautiful eyes. I start with the darks, add lots of water for the medium shades and leave some areas white and dry for strong contrast.


Whimsical Casablanca Cats by Lori Alexander


ABI:  Tell us about your experience selling products with your designs through CafePress.

LA:  I joined CafePress in 2005. At first I used this site to design products for myself using my artwork, but eventually the people at CafePress noticed my designs and decided to promote them on the internet through flash advertising.


Whimsical Red Oak Cats by Lori Alexander


The whimsical cat designs sell especially well at Christmas time when shoppers are trying to find the perfect gift for their cat loving friends and family members. CafePress can put your designs on hundreds of quality items from coasters to large canvas prints. Working with CafePress online has been a fun and profitable experience!



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