Artist: Louise Kleinsorge Williams

Artist Louise Kleinsorge Williams presents her delightfully whimsical portfolio. We spoke with her about technique, storytelling, and insights for other artists.


"Keeping Watch", digital art, 16" x 20"

“Keeping Watch”, digital art, 16″ x 20″


ABI:  What is your process?

LKW:  As a digital artist, I find absolutely anything is possible when creating an image. When I work, I focus on one general theme. Once I settle on a theme I tend to experience moments when I feel inspired to go to my computer (often at 4 in the morning) to look through my archives for suitable material. I usually either settle on a background or a “character”. When I have both selected, the “character” often suggests what it needs to be complete, so I search through my archives looking for the appropriate details to add.


"Resting on the Sea Floor", digital art, 20" x 13"

“Resting on the Sea Floor”, digital art, 20″ x 13″


Occasionally I’ll use the scanner. Sometimes I have to resort to clipart. As I construct the image, I’m usually playing with words or expressions in my head that explain the “story” that is evolving in the image. I always look for humor, ambiguity, and irony as I work, since they create depth and are fun.


"Once Upon a Time", digital art, 16" x 16 inches

“Once Upon a Time”, digital art, 16″ x 16 inches


Composition, hue, mood, and what the light is doing also dictate my choices. After the image feels fairly complete to me, I discuss it with my husband, who is practical, detail oriented, and sees the world very differently. He’ll ask questions and make suggestions that spark new ideas. After ruminating a bit, I return to the piece and finish it. Sometime I revisit a piece several times before it’s done.


"Visit the Places", digital art, 9" x 12"

“Visit the Places”, digital art, 9″ x 12″


ABI:  How do your incorporate stories into your work?

LKW:  I’m the sort of person who stands in line at the movies and makes up stories about the people in line with me. I catch a snippet of dialogue and make up scenarios. When I am working on an image, there’s always something going on, even if it’s just an explanation or a glimpse of the human condition.


"Tea?", digital art, 13" x 20"

“Tea?”, digital art, 13″ x 20″


For example, in the image, “Tea?”, a chimpanzee and a giraffe are enjoying a visit in the parlor at the Pittock Mansion in Portland. There is an extra cup and saucer on the table which suggests that they are inviting the viewer to join them in a cup of tea. That’s the story.


"Kyoto Station", digital art, 20" x 15"

“Kyoto Station”, digital art, 20″ x 15″


In the image, “Kyoto Station”, the mood is somber and sad. The figure of the nude woman suggests sorrow, but the origami cranes flying overhead promise hope. Sometime viewers find their own stories in my images, which delights me.


"Gorgon's Delight", digital art, 13.5" x 10.5"

“Gorgon’s Delight”, digital art, 13.5″ x 10.5″


ABI:  How have you gained exposure for your art, and what advice would you have for other artists?

LKW:  Here are my suggestions:

  • Joining a group or two of artists who work in your medium is a must.
  • Become part of a critique group where you can get help when you’re stuck and receive accolades when you deserve them.
  • Go to museums and galleries for inspiration.  I find I’m always able to tap   into that creative space after seeing an exhibit.  Look at the work of other artists online.
  • Submit your work to competitions. Sign up with organizations like CaFE Management that periodically publish calls for submissions.
  • Check out Artsy Shark, and Manhattan Arts International for opportunities and helpful business and career advice.
  • Participate in Open Studios.
  • Have note cards made that feature your work and sell them at boutiques. They make great gifts and help get your name out in the world. Send them to friends.
  • Self-publish art books containing your work to show to gallery owners as well as friends.


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