Artist: Margot Waller Madgett

Artist Margot Waller Madgett’s work consists of tightly connected series. We spoke with her recently about her collection and her studio practice.


Ebb & Flow 2 by artist Margot Waller Madgett. See her profile at


ABI: Tell us about the concept of threads and themes that you incorporate in your work.

MWM:  All of my series share common threads and themes. I use texture to create depth and substance, and I use lines, patterns and shapes to generate energy, movement and flow. The themes are drawn from images found in nature and the human form.


Estelle and Dominic by artist Margot Waller Madgett. See her profile at


This allows my work to be connected, flow and morph together naturally. For example, my CCG series (Currents, Cycles & Grooves) can be interconnected through texture, energy, movement, color and other themes. It allows me (and my clients) to play with composition and layout to achieve the desired mood or affect by connecting the individual pieces in different arrangements.


Dragonfly over Lotus by artist Margot Waller Madgett. See her artist profile at


One of the more exciting aspects of my work is that not only can individual pieces be connected with other pieces from the same series, they can be connected with other series as well (for ex. my CCGs with my Flight series). This seamless interconnection allows for the expansion of the overall size and narrative of my work, creating a piece of interest whether viewed individually or as a larger group composition.


Currents, Cycles & Grooves series by artist Margot Waller Madgett. See her artist profile at


ABI:  What type of settings is your work most suited to?

MWM:  It depends upon the eye of the beholder. I have found that my artwork is well received in corporate environments as well as private homes. My work hangs proudly in office buildings and corporate lobbies, hotels, condominiums, hospitals, and in many beautiful homes.


Intermission by artist Margot Waller Madgett. See her artist profile at


I love seeing my work bring previously empty walls to life in sometimes unexpected ways, whether hanging above someone’s sofa or mantel or in a contemporary hotel lobby. My many series provide unique options for any type or style of home or building.


Ebb and Flow 3 48x48 by Margot Waller Madgett. See her artist profile at


ABI:  What part do commissions play in your studio practice?

MWM:  A huge part of my work is based on commission. I started with portrait commissions of children, which is one of my ongoing specialties. I coined the term “Art Image Portraiture” for my contemporary portraits of my client’s children (and even their pets on occasion), incorporating both photographic and painting elements, as well as found objects into unique works of art to perfectly capture a cherished moment in time.


Ebb and Flow with pod expanded 48x 15ft by Margot Walller Madgett. See her artist profile at


Most of my series can also be commissioned for site specific jobs and reproduced in different ways with unique twists and additions, and to specific dimensions. I am always open to working with clients, interior designers and art consultants that are interested in commissioning a work of art that is based off a particular series.


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