Artist Profile: Mary Mirabal

Florida based painter Mary Mirabal shares her inspiration, and how she has grown her creative business.


Artwork by Mary Mirabal. See her artist profile at


ABI:  What compelled you to start painting?

MM:  I found myself in my mid 50’s and no longer working in the corporate world I’d known for 30 years. After much soul searching and knowing I didn’t want to start from the bottom in a new job, I decided not to pursue another job where I’d be working for someone else.


Artwork by Mary Mirabal. See her artist profile at


I’ve always been an art collector with a deep appreciation for artists, especially painters, and had a nagging little voice inside me telling me that I could paint. It was then I realized I had the time and the support of my husband to chase that dream. Once I started painting, I felt like a creative hole had been filled inside of me.


Artwork by Mary Mirabal. See her artist profile at


ABI:  Your tagline is “Painting the Colors of my Soul” – what does this mean and how are you inspired?

MM:  I have lived in Florida for over 40 years, but it hasn’t really felt like home – especially for the past 20 years or so. My soul lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a place we’ve visited many times over last couple of decades. It is there in Santa Fe that my soul comes alive and I feel inspired to paint. The mountains, multi cultures, bluest skies and vistas call my name. I feel like I am home every time we visit.


Artwork by Mary Mirabal. See her artist profile at


My abstract art reflects the colors and emotions of the southwest; earth tones of the high desert and blues of the sky and rivers and lakes. I don’t think I could even paint a palm tree even if someone commissioned one. It’s just not in my heart to paint a Florida scene. I don’t pay much attention to “trends” in art. I paint what my soul feels with the colors I love.


Artwork by Mary Mirabal. See her artist profile at


ABI:  What marketing activities do you use to sell your artwork?

MM:  I use a myriad of marketing platforms to sell my artwork. I am represented by Woodfield Fine Art in St. Petersburg, Florida as well as Clayton Gray Home in Tampa and Thistle boutique in Dunedin. I also manage my own website for collectors to purchase directly online; am a frequent exhibitor at shows and participate in pop-up shops; teach art classes; and actively market on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, in addition to a monthly blog.



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