Artist Profile: Meeshka Jewelry Design

We recently spoke with Michelle Vidro of Meeshka Jewelry Designs about her collection and the stories that her work shares with customers.


Bronze Cuffs by Meeshka Jewelry Design. See the artist profile at


ABI:  What has inspired the jewelry collections you have designed?

MV:  My creative inspiration is always to integrate the human experience, stories, and often to support a cause. Life’s collective events inspire me deeply. “Story” is the primary focus of my jewelry designs.


Stacking Moonstone Rings by Meeshka Jewelry Designs. See the artist profile at


ABI:  What is the importance of storytelling in your work?

MV:  I consider it a divine gift to be able to tell stories uniquely through my artwork. Storytelling is how we pass important events from generation to generation. Combining storytelling with metalsmithing creates a unique opportunity to create thoughtfully designed handcrafted jewelry.

Examples of my story inspired jewelry:

Mended Heart: Tells the story of love, a broken heart, and a path to healing. This piece is all about the enduring and amazing resiliance of our hearts. “Hearts can break, hearts can mend, love is stronger in the end.” ~meeshka


"Mended Heart" pendant by Meeshka Jewelry Design. See the artist profile at


Last Drop Of Water: Inspired by a conversation with my son about his generation’s concern that there won’t be enough water for them.


"Last Drop of Water" Necklace by Meeshka Jewelry Design. See the artist profile at


Under The Sea: Created to honor my love of the sea. As a child we played “mermaid” in the swimming pools of our southern California homes. In later years I found spiritual grounding and contentment spending countless hours under the sea on Kauai swimming with sea turtles.


"Mermaid Earrings" by Meeshka Jewelry Design. See the artist profile at


14 Cows: After learning of the devastation the U.S. suffered on 9-11, the Masai donated fourteen sacred cows to us as a gesture of goodwill and healing. To honor this generosity I created the 14 COWS jewelry line. Profits are donated to benefit orphans and destitute women in Kenya.


14 Cows Grouping by Meeshka Jewelry Design. See the artist profile at


In The Garden: A simple story about birds, bees, flowers, trees, and the spiritual connection I feel towards all of nature.


Bronze cuff bracelet by Meeshka Jewelry Design. See the artist profile at


The Pod: Originally designed for holding perfume on a cotton ball that can be discarded, the Pods evolved and now come with small glass vials that hold tiny cherished keepsakes telling the unique story of the one who wears it.


Gingko Pod Necklace by Meeshka Jewelry Design. See the artist profile at


ABI:  How do you sell what you make?

MV:  As an artist who spends much time alone in the studio, it’s important for me to meet new people and be a part of something bigger. I co-own a gallery with several local artisan jewelers in San Rafael, CA. called the Marin Jewelers Guild. MJG is part of a larger community of artists at Art Works Downtown. Collectors come to purchase my showcased pieces, or we collaborate to create something unique and personal. It is important to me to be able to make these personal connections. My customers know they are supporting the artist, the arts, and important stories or causes.


Amethyst Bullet Pendant by Meeshka Jewelry Design. See the artist profile at


On my website, stories that inspired the jewelry collections are found on the Storylines links. Interested shoppers click through to my store to purchase or contact me directly to discuss custom designs.

Meeshka Jewelry Designs can often be found in galleries, museum gift shops, and boutiques.


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  1. Kim Wilson Brandt says:

    What a wonderful article! Meeshka is inspiring and compelling! The art was simply gorgeous! I am a fan! Thank you!!

  2. Shay Kedaris says:

    Michelle’s work is like no one else’s. I’ve seen it in person and it’s even more beautiful than the pictures.

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