Artist: Pam Houston

Entrepreneur Pam Houston shares her story and her journey as an artist. Enjoy her portfolio, and please visit her website.


"Grandma Knows Best" acrylic, 8" x 10" by Pam Houston. See her artist profile at

“Grandma Knows Best” acrylic, 8″ x 10″


ABI:  What is your background and your primary focus as an artist?

PH:  I started painting seriously in high school under a mentor, Ace Powell. I lived with his family in a household where I was surrounded by a myriad of artists, gallery owners, dealers and traders for years. I continued painting but also studied pottery at the Kansas City Art Institute under Ken Ferguson and Victor Babu. After the art institute, I owned and operated a functional pottery studio for five years in Kalispell, MT.


"Pheasant Study" acrylic, 12" x 24" by Pam Houston. See her artist profile at

“Pheasant Study” acrylic, 12″ x 24″


Later I married and moved my business to a ranch outside of Augusta, MT. My husband is a sculptor and he and I would show together until the shows started separating the crafts from fine art. I transitioned back to painting so we could travel together. For 17 years we went all over the US and Canada showing and selling our work. When my son was small, he would shine shoes at some of the shows and at times made more than a lot of us.


"Wishful Thinking" acrylic 24" x 30"

“Wishful Thinking” acrylic 24″ x 30″


My primary focus as an artist is depicting people, places and animals. I want my pieces to tell a story. As a craftsman I feel drawing is key to reflecting my artist’s sense of color and design.  Each day I work to mature as an artist. I am not where I want to be, but I am improving and learning daily.


"Heading Home" transparent watercolor, 13" x 9" by Pam Houston. See her artist profile at

“Heading Home” transparent watercolor, 13″ x 9″

ABI:  What other mediums and formats do you work in?

PH:  I am primarily known as a watercolor painter, but I really like to draw, and I am experienced with acrylics and oils.


"Mallards in Flight" acrylic, 12" x 24" by Pam Houston. See her artist profile at

“Mallards in Flight” acrylic, 12″ x 24″


I recently started a quilting business printing my paintings on fabric and using those prints in quilted wall hangings. I have patterns available that include the painting print along with instructions to complete the piece as pictured. I let the buyer pick out their own fabric to add a little piece of themselves to each quilt. The quilting compliments my study of design and color. I had a quilt accepted to the 2017 World Quilt Show, Eastern division in Vermont. I received a lot of good constructive comments.


"Crow Fair" acrylic, 20" x 36" by Pam Houston. See her artist profile at

“Crow Fair” acrylic, 20″ x 36″


ABI:  What types of venues and events have you participated in to sell your work?

PH:  Starting out I sold in galleries, through private orders and Art in the Park type events. I also had work in gift shops such as the Glacier Park Lodge and Yellowstone Park Gift shop. I had a showroom at the CMRussell Show in great falls, MT for 20+ years. I participated in the Indian Center Museum Show, Spokane, WA, a show in conjunction with the Ellensburg, WA rodeo and the Missouri Athletic Club in ST Louis. Currently I have a showroom each March at the Great Western Design Show, Great Falls, MT.


"Early Snow" acrylic, 24" x 30"

“Early Snow” acrylic, 24″ x 30″


My husband and I were vendors at the Order of Victorian Gunners World Side by Side championship. Those events were held at the Orvis shooting facility in upstate New York and outside of Baltimore, MD. I am also a fan of local charities and make donations for those.


"Evening Flight" transparent watercolor, 13" x 21" by artist Pam Houston. See her artist profile at

“Evening Flight” transparent watercolor, 13″ x 21″


In 2010 I took 7 years or so off from full-time art business and managed the oral chemotherapy portion of Sletten Regional Cancer Institute. That involved designing the program, counseling patients, researching medications, writing grants and doing whatever I could to get the patients their needed chemotherapy. That job was rewarding, and I thoroughly enjoyed the people I worked with.

In July 2018 I will be showing my work in Kalispell, MT and quilts at the Bend,OR Quilt Festival. Online I have work with Saatchi Art, Xanadu Gallery and Vida.



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