Artist: Richard De Wolfe

Canadian artist Richard De Wolfe presents his captivating portfolio, and discusses overcoming challenges and creating work that his audience loves.


"Brewster” oil, 16" x 20" by Richard De Wolfe. See his artist profile at

“Brewster” oil, 16″ x 20”


ABI:  How have you earned a living as an artist over the course of your long career?

RD:  During my long career, I have earned my living as an artist, first as an illustrator in Toronto, Ontario, and then as a licensed artist, a painter and also as an art teacher. Illustration was my training ground.


“Surf and Turf” oil, 13" x 17" by Richard De Wolfe. See his artist profile at

“Surf and Turf” oil, 13″ x 17″


That is where I learned artistic discipline and good work habits as an artist. Licensing my work then allowed me to pursue the art that I think others will enjoy as much as I do making it. Porterfield’s Fine Art handles this for me.


“Crystal Lake” oil, 30" x 40" by artist Richard De Wolfe. See his artist profile at

“Crystal Lake” oil, 30″ x 40″


Teaching art classes has helped me to “pay back” in a way, to those around me. Helping others discover artistic expression in themselves has been a joy for me.


"Garden Angel” oil, 11" x 14"

“Garden Angel” oil, 11″ x 14”


ABI:  How has your work evolved over time?

My work used to be quite realistic and detailed, but two years ago something happened that caused a big change in my work.


“Running Horse” digital art, 9" x 12" by Richard De Wolfe. See his artist profile at

“Running Horse” digital art, 9″ x 12″


At that time, I suffered a series of three life threatening strokes. For a while I was almost completely paralyzed. I couldn’t even write my name. I spent over three months in hospital, before slowly regaining some of my lost motor control. So my style is looser now, and involves less complicated subjects than it did before. I still paint and license my art around the world.


"Sky Fire” oil, 24" x 36" by Richard DeWolfe. See his artist profile at

“Sky Fire” oil, 24″ x 36”


ABI:  What inspires you in your current body of work?

I am inspired now by the beauty and the preciousness of life, the grandeur of nature, brilliant colour, and the influence of light on objects. My goal is to create art that people will cherish and pass down through many future generations.


"Morning Mist” oil, 16" x 20" by Richard De Wolfe. See his artist profile at

“Morning Mist” oil, 16″ x 20”


Most of my work is available as prints, even in the case where the original has been sold. My prints are available at Fine Art America. I am always available also to discuss a commission of personal art.


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