Artist: Ruth Porter

Artist Ruth Porter turned a hobby into an art business with theme-inspired images. We spoke to her about her work and how she grew her sales.

Valentine's pen and ink Mosaic by Ruth Porter. See her artist profile at

ABI: How did you get started making “memory mosaics”?

RP: It all started when I attempted to create a unique valentine’s day gift for my husband. I wanted to give him a gift that commemorated the beginning stages of our relationship. I needed to create something that could easily represent how we met, include some of our dating quirks, and memorable facts about our wedding.

Ruth Porter and a friend, Keri, with one of her memory mosaics. Read Ruth Porters story at

I attempted to compile all of these aspects of our relationship into the shape of a heart. It turned out amazing! My husband loved it and we found that it was a great conversational piece for when we had visitors. Soon after I created the first mosaic, I had a lot of requests from friends to make one for them too. I made a few free mosaics before someone suggested I begin selling them. My business was launched by the interest others showed in my original mosaic and I now have had the opportunity to create and sell these types of mosaics on a national and international level.

Phillies memory mosaic by Ruth Porter. See her artist profile at www.ArtsBusiness

ABI: Most of your work is commission-based. How do you work with clients?

RP: I correspond with my clients via Facebook and Instant Messenger. Interested parties send me a message on my business page. They let me know what image they want me to create for them and I request a minimum of a page long list of words to get started.

"Cinnamon Roll" memory mosaic by artist Ruth Porter. See her artist story at

Once I receive their list, I am given creative freedom to decide what I will draw out as an image in the mosaic and what to keep in word format. It usually takes me two days to complete a Memory Mosaic depending on the size. When I have finished their artwork, I send the client a photo of the finished product to ensure satisfaction prior to scheduling receipt of payment and sending the artwork to them.

Dog memory mosaic by artist Ruth Porter. See her artist story at

ABI: Tell us about other special projects you’ve worked on.

RP: This past year, I created an art piece that was commissioned by a consignment shop called “The Warehouse” to produce car decals and posters in recognition of the Solar Eclipse. The Warehouse made a few hundred car decals and it caught the attention of one of the managers from the South Carolina State Museum. The Museum bought a good portion of the stock and resold them in the museum gift shop.

Artist Ruth Porter Signing Eclipse Posters. Read her artist story at

Seeing my design sold in a museum was like a dream come true! The Warehouse is also working with me on creating designs for different states here on the east coast to put on souvenirs, t-shirts, and other accessories.


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