Artist Profile: Sea Stones

Sea Stones is the collaboration of Arra David and Anne Johnson. Together they have created a fascinating line of tabletop and home items which are beautiful, natural and appealing.



Arra David recalls that he got started working with stones quite by accident back in 2003. A mechanical engineer by trade, he enjoyed building projects in his home and was finishing a mud room project. Needing a handle for a cabinet, Arra came up with the idea of using decorative stones, and went beachcombing to find some tumbled by the ocean.

This led to designing coat hooks, towel racks and more – and the concept of the Sea Stones business. Anne is an artist with a keen eye for balance and harmony. She blends the endless varieties of nature’s materials into pieces that decorate homes and will keep generations connected to their environment.

Originally, they traveled to Cape Cod with some of their Coast Hooks. Half of the stores they called on placed orders for their work. Most of those original customers are still selling their line.

An unusual product that Arra and Anne sell is called “On the Rocks”. This developed as a use for granite circles which were cut out when making napkin rings. Arra saved them, knowing that someday a use would be found. When dining at a restaurant, he was served soup with hot stones in it to retain temperature. He thought “These could be used to keep liquids cold too.”

A little research revealed that in fact, Scottish people have been chilling their Scotch whiskey with stones for centuries. The stones chill the drink, but are an advantage over ice which dilutes it when melting, and can impart a flavor from common substances in the water like chlorine. “On the Rocks” are presented in a wooden tray with two tumblers.

As wholesale trade show exhibitors, they are very familiar with the needs of store and gallery buyers. Often, visitors step into the booth just to touch the colorful, natural stones. Arra calls his display a “tactile experience.” He and Anne are very proud of the handmade items they create and the top-of-the-line materials that are used in production. And, he says, for every smooth stone they harvest, a rough one is “planted” back in the water to take its place and eventually be tumbled smooth as well.


What’s new with Sea Stones? Currently they are working on a Touchstone Table, an elegant piece with a rich organic look that invites you to touch. Stay tuned for more from this creative duo. Visit the Sea Stones website for more information about their handcrafted products.

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