Artist Profile: Sharon Brender

Photographer Sharon Brender shares her portfolio and her exciting new direction.


African landscape, photo by Sharon Brender. See her artist profile at


ABI:  How did you become serious about photography and how do you show your work?

SB:  I always had a passion for the arts.  Fifteen years ago I went to Colorado for an extended vacation with a new camera and a new vision for what I wanted to do with my future. I had just retired from a career at ABC News and wanted to pursue a new venture, one that would include my passions. I remember taking so many beautiful photos on that trip and wanting to share them with everyone.


Elephant photo by Sharon Brender. See her artist profile at


However, it wasn’t until a friend invited me to show my work at an art show that I realized I could possibly be successful at this medium. I sold many pieces that day which gave me the confidence to become a professional photographer.


Zebra photo by Sharon Brender. See her artist profile at


From that day forward I tried very hard to sell my work. I continued showing my work at art shows, I entered photo contests and was selected to have my work shown in galleries in Santa Fe, NM and Telluride, CO. I was even asked to have one of my photos used for a book cover. It was very exciting, but also a great mystery on how to make this an ongoing and successful business.


Big Cat photo by Sharon Brender. See her artist profile at


ABI:  What is your newest direction with your work?

SB:  I am a very eclectic artist. I love the beauty that comes from all that surrounds me – be it a stunning sunset, an exotic animal, or a majestic land or seascape. I want to bring the joy of these sights to all who might be intrigued by their beauty.


Antelope photo by Sharon Brender. See her artist profile at


Just recently, I took a month-long trip to Southern Africa spending time in Botswana, Zambia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Southern Africa is vast in size and filled with exotic beauty from the trees that blow in the wind to the animals whose voices sing out through the air. I was in awe of the magic created by these incredible creatures enticing us to learn about their environment and how to help save them. I would like to do a show or perhaps a photo book about animal preservation.


Lion photo by Sharon Brender. See her artist profile at


ABI:  What are your plans for the future?

SB:  This is a really good question. I can visualize different directions that I would like to pursue in order to grow my business.  I have created a website, but how do I get people to go there as future customers? I have been involved in social media but that hasn’t really brought business my way; therefore, how do use social media for future business?


African Sunset photo by Sharon Brender. See her artist profile at


Of course, exhibiting my work in a gallery is the ultimate goal but that is more difficult then I ever anticipated. My plans for the future are to learn everything I can about marketing my work to bring my photography to the next level of success on websites, on social media and, hopefully, in galleries.



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  1. Meg Casey says:

    Love, love the photos! They are fabulous!

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