Artist: Susan Pepe

Licensed artist Susan Pepe presents her whimsical portfolio and talks about running a successful small business.


"Blissful Bouquet" by artist Susan Pepe. See her artist profile at


ABI:  Why do you think your artwork has found such appeal with the public?

SP:  I really love what I do, and I paint what I love. Flowers, beautiful places, the beach, precious moments with our children (furry and otherwise). Creativity is a part of me – it’s how I express my life. I think people connect with that. When the passion is genuine, whether it’s the bold color and loose brushstrokes of a flower or the glimpse of a soul in the eyes of an animal, it somehow shines through. Art touches everyone in a unique way. My hope is that I can inspire someone to pause, even for just a moment, to notice something beautiful, appreciate the little things, and feel the joy.


"Fruit Grapefruit" by artist Susan Pepe. See her artist profile at


ABI:  You say that you’ve had a second chance at art licensing. How did that happen?

SP: Well, let’s just say that things don’t always work out the way you once thought they should. My first attempt at art licensing turned out to be a rollercoaster ride of tremendous possibilities and heartbreaking disappointments. After two years, I decided it was time to move on – the dream was tucked away for later. I spent most of my career teaching art to young children and raising a daughter and two labradors of my own. I was right where I needed, and wanted to be. Life was perfect, but the dream was always there.


"Alpacas" by artist Susan Pepe. See her artist profile at


Now it’s later, 30 years later, and I have been blessed with the opportunity to try again, to devote full time to painting and pursuing an art career. The past two years have been filled with intense and sometimes painful growth, learning, and living outside (at times way outside) my comfort zone.


"Brighton Beach" by Susan Pepe. See her artist profile at


Things are so much different this time, though. I’ve changed. Maybe it’s confidence, maybe it’s wisdom and maturity, maybe it’s just age. I no longer have fear. A “no” that was once rejection is now simply re-direction. It’s not that I don’t have doubts (of course I do), but they don’t paralyze me. The absence of fear has changed my art as well. Nothing is forced, everything flows.


"Dog Yellow Labrador" by Susan Pepe. See her artist profile at


But in all of this, the biggest difference, the deeper, driving force, is purpose.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away”  – William Shakespeare


"Blooming Brushstrokes" by Susan Pepe. See her artist profile at


ABI:  What are your plans for the future?

SP:  I plan to keep painting. There aren’t enough days to paint all of the ideas I have in my head!


Leanin' Tree Birthday Card, design by Susan Pepe. See her artist profile at


I currently have over 150 images licensed to wall art and greeting card companies, and plan to keep those relationships going. I would also like to expand into other markets such as fabric, wallpaper, bedding, etc. My passion is interior design, so I would love to create a home décor line of my own. I am fortunate to have signed on with Jewel Branding to act as my agent so I can focus more on painting while they take care of the business and marketing side of things.

So far, it’s been an amazing journey. I hope I can continue to share my gift!



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