Artist: Taylor Dueker

Mixed media artist Taylor Dueker  brings an architectural background and sensibility to his portfolio of abstract works. We spoke with him about inspiration, technique, and collector response.


"Hunting Good Will" 23.5" H x 23.5" W, Acrylic on Wood by Taylor Dueker. See his artist profile at

“Hunting Good Will” 23.5″ H x 23.5″ W, Acrylic on Wood


ABI:  How did your training as an architect lead to your current studio work?

TD:  My Master’s thesis was a study of the way in which decoration in building can become elements of the design of usable space. Choosing from an assortment of architectural elements (form, material, dimension, decoration ….) ranging from the simple to the complex, each can be interchanged or collaged within a basic design concept to satisfy the requirements of the project.


"Treasure Hunt” 24" H x 30" W, Acrylic on Canvas by Taylor Dueker. See his artist profile at

“Treasure Hunt” 24″ H x 30” W, Acrylic on Canvas


The artistry of architecture comes from the skill of appropriate and balanced incorporation of design elements within the context and limits of a project. Therefore, it is important to understand the opportunities within the limits of the context before designing. Translating this thinking to my artwork, a concept emerges from the soul, forming the painting’s context.


"Web” 18" H x 24" W, Mixed Media on Canvas Board by Taylor Dueker. See his artist profile at

“Web” 18″ H x 24” W, Mixed Media on Canvas Board


As I sketch or doodle an idea, the context becomes clearer. Working with each layer of color, line, form, etc. to build the context, I develop the overall piece to my satisfaction.


"Westvleteren” 24" H x 36" W, Acrylic on Canvas by Taylor Dueker. See his artist profile at

“Westvleteren” 24″ H x 36” W, Acrylic on Canvas


ABI:  How does a painting evolve from idea to the finished art?

TD:  The small doodles or sketches I begin with establish visual problems to resolve. I enlarge the sketch to the desired size of the painting. For example, I developed a 3 x 5 inch sketch on paper and enlarged it to a 24 x 36 inch canvas (see attached images). Each color should complete a stand-alone work before the next color is applied. Also, the color combinations and textures I use often come from appealing juxtapositions I see in the real world.


"Parameters" original sketch by Taylor Dueker. See his artist profile at

“Parameters” original sketch by Taylor Dueker.


Though my color palette has often been bright colors, I occasionally limit the palette to convey a concept. For two examples, I developed an award-winning piece that was restrained to only pastel colors, and also produced an exclusively black and white painting. Parameters, whether self-imposed or external, provide challenges and opportunities for creativity.


"Parameters" finished painting, Finished Painting 24" H x 36" W, Acrylic on Canvas by Taylor Dueker. See his artist profile at

“Parameters” finished painting, 24″ H x 36″ W, Acrylic on Canvas


ABI:  What do your collectors have to say about your work?

TD:  One collector writes, “Taylor Dueker’s amazing abstract work can literally stop you in your tracks … as it did me while I was browsing through works by a number of artists on a studio tour. An architect by formal training (he earned degrees in art and design, as well as architecture from MIT), he took up painting somewhat later in his career. He doesn’t often paint in a square format, but prefers a rectangular format that allows for directionality and flow. Though the work is abstract, one clearly sees the discipline and order of math and design that is a part of his professional training and background. He draws inspiration from the environment; emotional life; relationships; imagination; remembrance; scientific concepts, and everyday life. Taylor’s work comes to life on the wall of a home in a way that continually renews itself over time.”


"Every Picture Tells a Story Don't It" 22" H x 28" W, Mixed Media on Canvas by Taylor Dueker. See his artist profile at

“Every Picture Tells a Story Don’t It” 22″ H x 28″ W, Mixed Media on Canvas


Others describe my work as ‘primitive modern’, warm, organized, associative, and ‘provocative’. “One looks at your paintings and finds stories, or is brought into processing some of one’s own thoughts. The art calls for interaction with it. The titles of your pieces are often excellent springboards to stimulate a viewer’s imagination.”


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