Artist Profile: Terri Einer

Enjoy Terri Einer’s colorful, whimsical art. We spoke with her recently about starting and promoting a new art business.


Artwork by Terri Einer, profiled at


ABI:  A life event led to your present style of painting. What happened?

TE:  I have always been creative. I was one of those little girls whose favorite toy was a box of crayons, always drawing, painting or crafting. I dreamed of being an artist for Hallmark or Disney. But when the only jobs I could find after graduation were part-time or (gasp) out of state, I left my dreams behind. I married and raised a family and only periodically dabbled with my creative side.


Artwork by Terri Einer, profiled at


Then in 2013, my husband and I left the only home I’d ever known and relocated. I needed a hobby and I needed a way to make new connections. I turned to my first love, my art. I started painting again on a dropcloth in our little rental, on the dining room table. I joined the local art association. But more importantly, I rediscovered how much joy creating art gives me.


Artwork by Terri Einer, profiled at


ABI:  What activities have you undertaken to promote and sell your artwork?

TE:  I am committed to finally make art my second career. I spend hours researching online. I have a Facebook page, and just joined Instagram. I have a blog, a website through Fine Art America, and participate in a couple Print-on-Demand sites.


Artwork by Terri Einer, profiled at


I display and sell at a local shop and in a few select art fairs, and am constantly looking for new avenues to grow my business. I’ve even expanded into sharing my whimsical style through art classes and workshops.


Artwork by Terri Einer, profiled at


ABI:  Even though you’re fairly new at this, you have made significant progress. What is your best advice for artists just getting started?

TE:  When I first decided to really jump into this, I made the mistake of comparing myself to other artists. You know the ones; their paintings are so realistic they look like photographs. You tell yourself you’ll never make it because you aren’t that good, but then you participate in an art fair, put yourself out there and Hey! you make some sales and your customers love your work. I have found that we all have our own niche. The more you embrace that, the more you will enjoy your journey.


Artwork by Terri Einer, profiled at


I encourage you to find successful artists who create in a style similar to your own. I paint very fast and loose. It’s the style that feeds my soul, so artists like Bob Burridge and Joanie Springer inspire me. They inspire me to stay true to myself and give confirmation that there is a place in the art world for everyone.


Artwork by Terri Einer, profiled at


Get involved. Market yourself. No one is going to “discover” you unless you put yourself out there.


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  1. Troy Jarrell says:

    Where does one purchase your art or prints? I love the choice of color and subjects: cows, flowers and children. Also whimsical part of your art just draws me in. I would love to have a few prints in my classroom to.inspure the children in art!!

  2. Beautiful work Terri!

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