Artist Profile: Tina Rene Saunders

Fiber artist Tina Rene Saunders presents her exquisite portfolio of art quilts. We interviewed her about inspiration, technique, and art as a healing force.


"Broken" quilt by Tina Rene Saunders. See her artist profile at


ABI:  How did your creative drive help you to overcome a difficult time in your life?

TS:  I had always known I was creative and artistic, but the passing of my late husband really sparked the priority and significance of art in my life. I painted a mural in my entryway of bright colors and encouraging words that I see every day. My (also artistic) brother and sister kept me busy and distracted during that first holiday season by collaborating with me to create a huge mixed media piece that hangs in my living room; I redecorated every room in the house, adding art and color; and I made my first art quilt.


"Old Man Winter" quilt by Tina Rene Saunders. See her artist profile at


It was a quilt pattern that I purposely “broke”. I was perhaps still in my angry phase, but I didn’t want to follow the pattern that day, and put the pieces together in a very abstract way. I loved it! Then I added colorful stitching that, of course, didn’t follow the lines and was free flowing. Next I added beads. Beads! It was so peaceful and I enjoyed the work. So, I started making more, playing with all kinds of media (fiber, canvas, found objects, beads, paint), listening to inspiration, and literally getting lost (perhaps found?) in the work.


The Dancer, quilt by Tina Rene Saunders. See her artist profile at


The therapy of art gave me the courage, strength, and focus to work through a big change in my life, call myself an artist, and share my talents with others. It was through this journey that I started my business.


Custom Art Quilt by Tina Rene Saunders. See her artist profile at


ABI:  What channels do you use to sell your quilted work?  

TS:  I mainly sell through my website. Here you can find what’s available for purchase, where my work is on exhibit, and see examples of work I’ve done for others. There is also a link to my Facebook page where you can follow me to stay up to date on what I’m currently working on, and know as soon as a new piece is finished. In addition to online, I sell my work through local exhibits, galleries, and shows.


Close up of quilting technique by Tina Rene Saunders. See her artist profile at


ABI:  How have you monetized your business, in addition to selling art?

TS:  In addition to selling art quilts, I also provide quilting services for others. A big part of my art quilt process includes the stitching, and I have an INNOVA Longarm. This is actually a commercial-grade machine that allows me to do hand-guided stitch work on very large pieces (up to 12-feet!) There are many quilters out there who love to sew together the tops of their quilts, table runners, and wall hangings, but don’t do the actual quilt stitching. So I do the quilting for them and charge a per-square-inch fee. I have also done custom interiors (quilts, pillows, art quilts), quilt finishing (binding), and quilt repairs.


"Blue" quilt by Tina Rene Saunders. See her artist profile at


In addition to quilt services, I also teach classes for other hand-guided “longarmers” and art quilt enthusiasts. I enjoy passing along what I’ve learned and the joy that hand-guided stitching and fiber art brings.


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