Artist Profile: Velorossa Design

Nate and Mandie Fleming started Velorossa Design, a new company that offers creative furniture and lighting. ABI caught up with Mandie Fleming to talk about their new venture.


Velorossa clock


ABI:  What was the inspiration that started your new business?

MF:  The inspiration for our new business has been born from a love of automobiles and a heart for creating less waste. We seek to incorporate recycled materials in unexpected new ways. I have long had a passion for metal and metalworking, and Nate loves lights and researching technology on them.

Bar Cart


ABI:  What markets do you feel are the best for your collection of furniture and lighting?

MF:  People who love our products also love industrial rustic furnishings. Although our art is new,  many find it nostalgic to earlier turn of the century technology. It seems to blend seamlessly into older craftsman style homes and other vintage buildings.


Velorossa Round Lamp


Considering trends in industrial design our collection also lends itself well to commercial applications. This includes everything from hotels and restaurants to weddings. We create timeless pieces built to last and sure to create conversations.


Velorossa Square Lamp


ABI:  How does making one-of-a-kind work enhance your business? Are there any limitations?

MF:  Our art is unique. We use what we find. This allows the opportunity for people to own something that is unique and original. We also incorporate functionality into all our art. Pushing the limits of functionality with art gives people a chance to own something that really is one of a kind. The limitations of using recycled materials is we are limited in creating replicas. We do carry a small wholesale line, however each piece still maintains unique details. No two are identical and are all hand built by both of us.


Velorossa Design


ABI:  What are your future goals for growing Velorossa?

MF:  We plan to continue to walk that delicate balance of art and function. As Velorossa Design grows, we will work towards developing a larger catalog of items so that we can work for more commercial opportunities.


Velorossa Lamp


At the same time we will still create custom one-of-a-kind pieces. We would also like to establish more of an online presence and grow our relationships nationwide. Our intention and approach to lighting is to continue creating lighting art pieces that incorporate recycled materials and working towards more energy efficient designs.



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