Artist Profile: Lisa Jaworski

Lisa Fiedler Jaworski is an artist with a business plan to reach target markets. She talks about what makes her work unique.




ABI:  How did you choose your niche audience?

I was asked to create a painting for a surgeon’s office. I put myself in the eyes of the patient … I wanted to put healing words in my art, to give the patient who is waiting, something to focus on instead of their pain. Upon realizing the practice was of Christian faith, I decided to put a verse on the painting. “I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength.” (Phil. 4:13) since I believe focusing on God’s truth gives me strength during difficult times.


Full Zinnia of Hope


Because I have difficulty remembering verses, I thought others may benefit from verses in my art -that way people could focus on them without having to already know them. I believe that by having inspirational words or messages of faith in my art, people will find comfort and strength to help guide them through difficult times.


Have No Fear


ABI:  Your work has a literal message in it. Could you talk about that?

LJ:  Healing, hope and happiness. I think everyone in this world has some kind of unpleasant issue they are dealing with. My passion is to give them hope and healing through my art. I enjoy creating art with meaning beyond its artistic beauty through inlaying inspiring words behind my 3D painting of flowers. God created flowers. Have you ever seen how incredibly complex and delicate flowers really are? This is proof to me that our Creator can do more than we can imagine. Flowers say so much to me.




Flowers give hope, comfort, thankfulness, encouragement, joy, love, kindness, forgiveness, thoughtfulness and healing. I want my work to do the same. Ever since I read the verse:  “With faith as small as a mustard seed…Nothing will be impossible.” (Matthew 17), I was curious to see a real mustard seed.  So I bought some and realized if I put mustard seed in my paintings I could bring a literal meaning of hope into my work. And people could actually see it, touch it and relate to it.


Mustard Seed close up


ABI:  What markets are you targeting?

LF:  Hospitals, cancer centers, doctor’s offices, health centers. I think if people are literally suffering from circumstances in their life, whether it is mentally or physically, they can benefit from focusing on inspiring words in my art. Flowers can add beauty to any room, office or home. Why not have inspiring words to encourage people, too?


Observe Creation


Another market in which my art would be helpful is corporate lobbies or boardrooms: I incorporate mission statements into beautiful paintings or motivational words for employee morale around the office.


Baby's name painting


My third market is people’s homes: I love to paint baby names and origins with characteristics inspiring words on my 3D canvases. I also enjoy painting wedding gifts with the married couple’s vows on it. I give 10% of my proceeds to, a nonprofit organization that helps cancer patients and their families navigate through the cancer journey. They provide resources, direction and hope to patients and are currently raising funds for a mistletoe clinical trial in collaboration with Johns Hopkins.


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