Profiled Artist: Christine Auda

Artist Christine Auda paints colorful, upbeat images that delight her customers. She talks about inspiration and interaction with collectors.


"Energy" by Christine Auda

“Energy” by Christine Auda

ABI:  Tell us about your current painting style and what makes it special.

CA:  Asked for a quick description of my work, I’d say, “Modern meets folk meets organic.” I love bold, bright, saturated colors. Acrylics are my go-to paints, especially Golden Fluid Acrylics. I find the sensation of pouring them onto my palette or directly onto the canvas tantalizing. I also enjoy adding a touch of florescent hot pink, and gold or silver along with chunky shapes.


"Bird of the Year" by Christine Auda

“Bird of the Year” by Christine Auda


Birds, nature, and architecture are common themes. I love birds especially, so it’s natural that they show up often in my art, usually as exaggerated and whimsical forms. If “architecture” sounds incongruous, what I mean by that is I like to convey a sense of home and community, one that is inclusive of nature and is also quirky. That’s why you’ll see some giant birds or flowers among playful-looking houses. Are the birds and flowers huge, or are the homes tiny? I leave that to the viewer to interpret.


"Mardi Gras" by Christine Auda

“Mardi Gras” by Christine Auda


I’m also slightly addicted to patterns found on fabrics and home décor, so I think that informs my work. Symbols, such as circles, dots, spirals, inspirational words and phrases are part of my signature style. I sometimes add a surprise element to my abstract paintings, such as an animal silhouette that is not obvious. I imagine a client smiling at the discovery.


"Let Love Be" by Christine Auda

“Let Love Be” by Christine Auda


ABI:  What type of response have you gotten from collectors?

CA:  Some clients have become major fans, purchasing multiple artworks. The response has been better than I ever could’ve imagined. It feels great and I’m honored and deeply touched by each one. It’s a dream come true!


"Flowing with the Fishes" by Christine Auda

“Flowing with the Fishes” by Christine Auda


These quotes from my clients say it better than I could:

“I need your energy on my walls. Now my house looks like a museum!”

“Your painting is exquisite! I am utterly head-over-heels for ‘Mondo Beato.’”

” ‘No Place Like Home’ totally resonates. It will bring the warmth of a summer sun during those moments when I need to be lifted out of the gray days of winter.”

“‘Be Bold’ makes my heart sing!”


"Happy Place" by Christine Auda

“Happy Place” by Christine Auda


ABI:  How do you make the purchasing experience special for your customers?

CA:  I make sure each step of the buying process is a positive experience.

I include a handmade thank-you card in the shipment, and for more expensive sales, I might also include a packet of four handmade cards as a thank-you gift. However, if the client has purchased from a show, I mail the card(s) to their home.


Artist Christina Auda with her work

Artist Christine Auda with her work


I hire a shipper that I trust to pack the art well.

I communicate updates and inspiration to my clients and followers in my art newsletter, which I send about every other month.


"Urban Bliss" by Christine Auda

“Urban Bliss” by Christine Auda


I also stay in contact with my clients multiple times a year via email, phone or a hand written note or card. Though I use social media, including LinkedIn and Pinterest, I prefer the old fashioned form of direct communication, and my clients seem to appreciate that.


"You Had Me at Hello" by Christine Auda

“You Had Me at Hello” by Christine Auda


Building lasting relationships is important to the art buying experience. As a result, I consider many of my clients friends. I make sure that I’m responsive and upbeat during our interactions. And that’s my recipe for a happy client!


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