Art Sales Grow in the Covid Pandemic

Our most vibrant retail shopping districts shut down last spring when COVID-19 cases surged. This last fall cases spiked across the country. How your town or city deals with the crisis will likely vary from county to county and even street to street. Downtowns need galleries, but do galleries need a pricey downtown location? The […]

10 Tips for Farmers Market Success

Tis the season for fresh fruits and vegetables …and local handmade works! If you’re participating in a local weekly market here are some great tips to increase your sales for the coming season. Select the Right Market. Visit the market before you apply, and take notes. How many people are making purchases? What types of […]

He doesn’t do this for fun… It’s for survival!

This chameleon has learned to survive by adapting. In this global marketplace adaptation is critical to your survival. You might not need to change your color… but there are dozens of ways to alter your brand just a little so that you can step into new markets and channels. You began your business with selling […]

Artist: Heather Davis

My work springs from my love of architecture and history, and also reflects my curiosity about the future.

Artist: Chris Dei

Through long and disciplined practice of meditation, when the state of Śhūnya is reached, the activities of the mind, intellect and emotions come to a total standstill, and consciousness is experienced in its purest form

Artist: Amy Webster

Artwork and drawing have been a part of my life since I can remember, so painting is my latest endeavor.

Artist: Gail Bean

Whatever my activity, whether I am working with my students, in my studio, taking a walk, or traveling, the creative process is always with me.

Artist: Lindsay Kokoska

Yoga philosophy, travel, nature and culture have really inspired my art as well helped it develop over the years.

Artist: Kharisma Sommers

Artist Kharisma Sommers describes what inspires her unique line of mixed metal jewelry and her goals for her creative business.     ABI: What has inspired you to make such unusual jewelry? KS: Since I was little it was rather apparent that I liked uncommon things. I didn’t want to be like other kids. As […]

Artist: Judy Taylor

I specialize in custom work, designing rugs for people, or even designing rug kits to suit the customer’s taste in color and style.