10 Things Successful Artists Will Not Tell You!

by guest blogger John R. Math

Tips for creative entrepreneurs on embracing a successful mindset.


10 Things Successful Artists Will Not Tell You. Read more at www.ArtsBusinessInstitute.org


Today’s successful artists are hardworking, dedicated to their art and constantly upgrading and improving their art skills. There are two types of artists:

Professional Artists:  Professional artists spend a majority of their time creating, selling and marketing their art and they derive a majority of their income from this work.

Hobby and/or Part-Time Artists:  These artists may or may not try sell their art, and they do not derive the majority of their income from their art.

Both types of artists love what they do.

This post is directed to the professional artist who wants to market and sell their art. The following are 10 things that all successful artists do consistently.

  1. Successful artists understand that, in the art business, success does not happen overnight.
  2. Successful artists know that their work is just not about art, but about knowing, understanding and accepting art as a business.
  3. Successful artists continually strive to enhance and upgrade their professional reputation.
  4. Successful artists take an active role in promoting and marketing their art.
  5. Successful artists are active in multiple art associations, establishing contacts and giving back to the arts community.
  6. Successful artists are resilient. They understand that the art business is neither easy, nor the market consistent.
  7. Successful artists establish a support group of family, friends and other people who help and encourage the artist in their artistic endeavors.
  8. Successful artists work to create, upgrade and maintain a “Body of Work” to show to art galleries, art collectors and art enthusiasts.
  9. Successful artists stay focused on the multiple tasks they need to maintain their art business. They work to develop and perfect their time-management skills.
  10. Successful artists are never satisfied with the status quo. They constantly seek to improve their art skills and promote their art.

Do you see yourself in the above list? Are there areas where you can improve? Are there areas you should devote less time to? Maybe reviewing the list shows that you are a hobbyist or that you do have what it takes to become a full-time, professional artist.

One more thing that successful artists do is avoid getting too high or too low while they practice their art. Successful artists keep their emotions in check so their eyes stay on their stated artistic goals.


John R. Math is the Gallery Director of the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery.  The gallery conducts monthly themed online art competitions and art exhibitions for new and emerging artists on a worldwide basis. It is the gallery’s intention to help today’s artists to successfully market their art to a worldwide audience. 


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